Japan quake roundup while Turkey forges ahead for nuclear energy…


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Forging Ahead on Nuclear Energy in Turkey

As governments around the world scramble to freeze or review their nuclear energy programs in response to Japan?s crisis, Turkey announced plans for the first of its own nuclear plants.

Japan nuclear crisis: The downside of using sea water to cool reactors

from Boing Boing by Maggie Koerth-Baker

Frustratingly, just as things were starting to look like they might be getting a bit more under control, another couple of problems have arisen at the beleaguered Fukushima Daiichi power plant. Chief among these is a problem that stems directly from using sea water to cool the nuclear reactors.


Site Lets You Offer A Home for Japanese Quake, Tsunami Victims

by Zachary Sniderman

Radiation Dosage & Its Sources Explained [CHART]

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Implications of radioactivity levels

Al Jazeera outlines the health risks that radiation leaks at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex pose.


XKCD’s radiation dose chart

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After Fukushima, Rebecca Johnson

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Rebecca Johnson
As we pursue the abolition of nuclear weapons, we also need to phase out reliance on nuclear energy. Both are incompatible with our environmental and human security, says Rebecca Johnson.

There is still a long way to go before anyone can feel reassured that the disaster caused by Japan?s massive off-shore earthquake and tsunami will not result in an additional nuclear catastrophe.  We have to hope that the coolants and controls are fully restored, and that the severely damaged reactors at Fukushima and elsewhere will be made safe pending their dismantlement.  It is a tragic lesson to see so many resources diverted to preventing a nuclear catastrophe, when Japan needs to mobilise resources to provide for half a million survivors left homeless and traumatised.


LivingSocial Deal Contributes $2 Million to Japan Disaster Relief

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New Website Crowdsources Japan Radiation Data

from Mashable! by Charlie White

RDTN.org: crowdsourcing and mapping radiation levels

from Boing Boing by Sean Bonner

Japan: ?The Light and Darkness of Social Media?

from Global Voices Online by Tomomi Sasaki

Written by Tomomi Sasaki

This post is part of our special coverage Japan Earthquake 2011.

It’s human nature for rumors to run rampant in a high pressure situation, and social meda tools can be a double-edged sword in expediting this situation. Yasuhisa Hasegawa gives an analysis in his blog post ?The Light and Darkness of Social Media? (???????????????), drawing parallels between social media usage and consumption of mass media.

Japanese Disasters Need-to-Know Glossary Update

from The Global Language Monitor by admin

Added: Chest x rays, Black swans, Dinosaur extinction event, Two packs-a-day

AUSTIN, Texas, March 21,  2011 ? (Updated Daily) The Global Language Monitor has assembled the Japanese Disasters Need-to-Know Glossary to help understand the sometimes obtuse and ofter obscure terminology used in describing the concurrent Japanese Disasters that we are now witnessing.


Response, recovery and social dimensions of the disaster in Japan

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