Defne Devrimi: A web campaign against the dominance of male columnists in Turkish press


Why hasn?t media changed at all, when everything else is transforming? Why is it forcing upon us the same-old bankrupt discourse one generation after the other: full of insults; executions; tirades; harassment; and a modernist feudalism? Why is it not democratizing? Where does the national media, chronically falling behind the rest of the world and the society, get the right to manhandle us so carelessly? Social media has been providing an oxygen mask to millions all over the world as well as in Turkey in this polluted media environment. It has allowed people from all walks of life the opportunity to come together; deliberate; and organize collective action. And after observing the media coverage of Defne Joy Foster?s passing, which has been callous; male-dominant; and disrespectful to individual?s rights and freedoms to say the least, we have decided enough is enough!

Click here to continue reading the online petition… and give your support if you like…

It also has a Facebook page and a website.

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