#blogumadokunma Turkey is about to become an enemy-of-Internet country


Outrageous ban on Blogspot.com continued today in Turkey. Due to a few blogs in copyright infringement, a Turkish court banned the whole Blogspot. Along with WordPress, Blogspot is one of the most used blogging platform among Turkish bloggers so this ban is basically breaking down Turkish blogosphere. There are many ways to circumvent the ban but it still creates difficulties for netizens. Besides, in order to ban Blogspot, they had killed down many other Google services and today I could not view a PDF file attached to a mail in my Gmail. Very probably digital economies in Turkey are suffering from this ban in many ways.

Yesterday, one of the bigger ISPs, Superonline warned netizens about these incoming difficulties. Netizens issued a communique and campaigning against the ban in Twitter and Facebook.

Idiosyncracy or folly or meanness of the Turkish law can be found in the files below. That is, Dijitürk’s list of sites that are claimed to be copyright violation. Instead, whole platform is banned…

digiturk copyright


Blogspot becomes latest victim of Turkish Internet bans

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
A spat over rights to broadcast Turkish football matches has led a local court to issue a blanket ban on the popular blogging platform Blogspot.

Censure Internet : 600 000 blogueurs interdits de blogger en Turquie.

from YOL (routes de Turquie et d’ailleurs) by anne

Touche pas à mon blog est le nouveau cri de ralliement des internautes de Turquie, qui  n?ont plus accès au site OVIPOT, ni à aucun blog de la plate-forme Blogger/Blogspot depuis aujourd?hui ! Après avoir été interdits d? accès à YouTube pendant de longs mois, c?est aux blogs de la plate-forme Blogger à laquelle les internautes de Turquie ne peuvent plus accéder. La bagatelle de 600 000 blogs qui auraient reçu plus de 18 millions de visites le mois dernier, selon  le cyber activiste Yaman Akdeniz dans un article d? Hurriyet Daily?s news. Après WordPress, Blogger est la seconde plate-forme la plus utilisée par les nombreux bloggeurs de Turquie.

Here We Go…Blogger Ban…Again

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

Enough is enough. Write to DIGITURK…Form Facebook protest groups.

How come Mavi Boncuk readers in Turkey are complaining again? Here We Go…Blogger Ban…Again…Again…Again…Again… However I still see a silver lining here. Mavi Boncuk not having a physical body or assets does better than Dersim 1937, and Varlik Vergisi/Wealth Tax 1942.

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