METALHEAD (Part 27)- A “softer” album chosen to be the album of the week:)

I have a weak spot for Blackmore’s Night. And of course Sodom’s latest album also be noted. It could easily be the week’s album if Blackmore’s Night did not appear first in my playlist. Last week I was overwhelmed with work that I could not prepare this regular Thursday post. So here it is on Sunday…

album of the week

Autumn Sky

~ Blackmore’s Night

erkan’s best of- song 030

Amon Amarth “Siegreicher Marsch”

new stuff

In War & Pieces

~ Sodom

Where Stories End

~ Darkwater


~ Stratovarius

Opus Eponymous

~ Ghost

older stuff


~ Therion

Blizzard of Ozz

~ Ozzy Osbourne

special interest

A Retrospective (digibook) by Nucleus Torn

tribute to the ancestors

Technical Ecstasy

by Black Sabbath

We Sold Our Soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll

~ Black Sabbath

A Night at the Opera
by Queen

Never Say Die

~ Black Sabbath

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