Gül’s Diyarbakır visit: “President embraces use of Kurdish, reaffirms Turkish as official language

Kurdish Town of Cizre Becomes Bilingual

from Bianet :: English
The departments in the southeast Cizre municipality building, controlled by the pro-Kurdish BDP are titled in both Turkish and Kurdish. Inspite that Turkey officially recognizes only the Turkish language locals mother tongue Kurdish, will be openly used in public institutions. says deputy mayor Gölçe.

Gül?s Diyarbakır visit

Amid bilingualism and autonomy debates, President Abdullah Gül is travelling to the southeastern province of Diyarbakır today where he is expected to give important messages for the solution of the long-standing Kurdish problem.

Turkish President Visits Kurds | Europe | English

President embraces use of Kurdish, reaffirms Turkish as official language

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ANKARA – Hürriyet Daily News
During his visit to Diyarbakır, President Gül emphasizes the official language of Turkey is Turkish while embracing other languages used in the country. Saying he is proud of the different elements in Turkey, Gül adds, ‘We should work together in a constructive, positive manner in order to solidify our country’

Top security board reaffirms Turkey’s unity amid autonomy debate

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The country’s top security board has underlined Turkey’s ‘one flag-one nation’ status in a move to respond to pro-Kurdish groups’ demands for autonomy.

How will Erdoğan manage the Kurdish question on the eve of the election?

The Kurdish nationalist Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) has successfully injected a new political debate in Turkish domestic politics: the demand for a bilingual society. After remaining silent for some time, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has now strongly rejected opening the language issue up to debate, saying Turkey has only one official language and that is Turkish.

Could Gen. Doğan be the only guilty one?

by Emre Aköz
During the latest hearing at the Sledgehammer coup trial, retired Gen. Çetin Doğan, the former head of the 1st Army, said if a crime had been committed in relation to the Sledgehammer case then he is guilty but his colleagues, who are also on trial, are innocent. Is Doğan?s claim plausible?

What should Kurds do?

by Aslı Aydıntaşbaş
In responding to criticism of the draft proposal by the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) that demands autonomy for Kurds, the leader of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), Selahattin Demirtaş, said: ?You want the weapons silenced.

Alarmism: part of the pattern in Turkey

To anyone who studies the Turkish republican period, one thing becomes immediately visible: There is a repeating series of events enacted by the same or similar actors. These events and actors always come together, albeit with slight variations and transpositions. The positions or orders in which things stand at certain conjunctures may alter, but the deeper intent and message are always the same.

CHP deputy claims AKP rewards civil servants for support

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ANKARA- Hürriyet Daily News
An opposition lawmaker says tax auditors who imposed fines on the Doğan Media Group have been ‘rewarded’ by the Finance Ministry.

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