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Israel, US agree: Turkish gov’t ‘hates’ Israel

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Former US Ambassador to Ankara James Jeffrey believes Turkish foreign policy has ‘Rolls Royce ambitions, but Rover resources’ and that Ankara cannot compete with global or regional powers. US documents released by WikiLeaks also show Jeffrey did not see a viable alternative on the horizon to the current Turkish government

WikiLeaks documents reveal Turkey’s efforts to use protocols to derail …
Public Radio of Armenia
It’s painfully clear from the words of Turkey’s own leaders that, rather than seeking peace, they instead sought to use the prospect of the ratification of

Turkey’s Erdogan questions Wikileaks legitimacy
Monsters and Critics.com
European Union summit Erdogan said the credibility of the Wikileaks website that leaked the documents was ‘questionable’, Turkey’s news agency reported.

Wikileaks: Ankara Has Achieved Little of ‘Practical and Final’ Value, Says US …
Armenian Weekly
ANKARA, Turkey (AW)?In a report to the State Department, leaked by Wikileaks, US Ambassador to Turkey James Jeffrey noted that ?But this Turkey is trying to

Wikileaks sheds further light on Turkey’s effort to link Karabakh with Armenia …
Armenia and Turkey signed diplomatic protocols on normalizing their strained relations in October 2009 after more than a year’s talks

Turkey shocked: Aliyev strikes nasty blow
Information-Analytic Agency NEWS.am
Secret document published by WikiLeaks concerning the Feb. 25, 2010 meeting of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and US Undersecretary Nicholas Burns

Leaked documents reveal tension between EU and Turkey

from EUobserver.com – Headline News

Turkey did not invite India for meet on Afghanistan to appease Pak: WikiLeaks
The Hindu
Turkey-sponsored meeting on Afghanistan earlier this year to address the ?sensitivities? of Pakistan, according to the documents released by WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks Reveals Iran’s Secret, Worldwide Arms Hunt
Wired News (blog)
Guns and ammo from Turkey. Missile components from Germany. Guidance systems from China. Iran is on a global, clandestine mission to

Wikileaks unveils largest US diplomatic cables, Turkey makes up second biggest …
Today’s Zaman
German Der Spiegel reported on Sunday that the leaked diplomatic cables reveal that US diplomats are skeptical about Turkey’s dependability as a partner.

Wikileaks info on Turkey

A Superpower?s View of the World


WikiLeaks documents point to Turkish-US tensions – The Times of India

by Turkish Digest

WikiLeaks: US ‘doubted Turkey’s reliability’
US diplomats have cast doubts on the reliability of Nato ally Turkey, portraying its leadership as divided and permeated by Islamists, according to the

Revelations: Wikileaks and The Caucasus
ianyan magazine
to the wedding disclosed in the Wikileaks cable: Erdogan Goes to Washington: In a cable classified by Eric Edelman, former US Ambassador to Turkey,

US contacts Turkey over WikiLeaks files: diplomat

Tribune of Anatolia’: Diplomatic Cables Reveal US Doubts about Turkey’s Government – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

Wikileaks: secret Iran arms deals with Chinese companies
Channel 4 News
Another seeks similar action from Turkey over several weapons transactions, and one looks for continued German co-operation in preventing Iranian companies

US Warned Turkey Not to Publicly Question Allegations on Iran
comments made Turkey ?vulnerable to international community criticism. The documents, revealed today as part of the WikiLeaks Cablegate release,

Wikileaks posts full set of secret US Embassy cables
Boing Boing
Iraq is the ‘most discussed’ country, while Ankara, Turkey, produced the most cables. External political relations and internal government affairs account

WikiLeaks exposé: Karzai ‘paranoid’ and Ahmadinejad ‘like Hitler’
by WikiLeaks hints at a link between Ankara and the international terror organization. “Turkey has never given support to any terrorist organization. …
Did Turkey help al-Qaeda in Iraq? Wikileaks‘ release may have answerInternational Business Times

Wikileaks: US Sees Kurds As Seasoned Political Masters Likely To Expand Influence
Other parts of the leak show that Turkey is seen as the biggest economic competitor of Iran in Iraq, particularly in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)

Vacant US envoy post in Ankara compounds WikiLeaks concerns
Hurriyet Daily News
The pending revelations from WikiLeaks about the United States and Turkey, and the growing strategic rifts between the two countries, are being compounded

Leftover Turkey | Wikileaks

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

The documents uncovered by the Internet platform WikLeaks are comprised of: a total of 251,287 diplomatic cables that were sent by United States embassies, consulates and outposts around the world to the State Department in Washington and more than 8,000 directives from the State Department that were sent to American diplomatic outposts around the world. Around half of the embassy cables aren’t secret, with 40.5 percent classified as “confidential.” And only 6 percent, or 15,652 cables, are classified as “secret.” Of those, 4,330 are so sensitive that they carry the additional label “NOFORN,” meaning that they should not be made accessible to non-US nationals.

US embassy cables: US steps up pressure on Turkey over Iran

from World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk

US embassy cables: Azerbaijan leader in the soup

from World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk

US embassy cables: US fails to dissuade Turkey from Iran ‘meddling’

from World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk

WikiLeaks files show US worries about Turkish PM’s dependability

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks to German news magazine Der Spiegel show U.S. diplomats have doubts about Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan’s dependability as a partner.

US diplomats suggest Turkey’s Erdogan is ill informed – Monsters and Critics

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