A Financial Times piece on “Turkey’s contemporary art scene

Turkey’s contemporary art scene

Financial Times
Galvanised by the Istanbul Biennial, which kicked off in 1987, the city has witnessed an explosion of commercial galleries ? there are now more than 200


Taner Ceylan?s ?1881?

Turkey Becomes 15th Biggest Economy in the World in National Income

From U.S.A.K. Blog by USAK
Turkey, which was earlier listed as the 16th biggest economy in the world in terms of size of national income, has revised its position in the ranking as the 15th, due to a correction made by the Council of Ministers in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures in the country’s 2011 Program.

Headscarf debate is nonexistent in Turkish social life, survey finds

Headscarf ban and Islamist feminists by ORHAN KEMAL CENGİZ

There is certainly quite a weird paradox in the whole headscarf discussion. So-called ?modern Turks? fight against the idea of women covering themselves, in the name of emancipating them, but the ban on the headscarf serves nothing but the maintenance of the patriarchal culture in Turkey.

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