AAA drops science from mission statement

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at the Executive Board (EB) meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) this past weekend.  The EB adopted a new Long-Range Plan (LRP) that includes a significant changes to the AAA mission statement?it removes all mention of science:

Mission Statement in the new LRP (additions underlined; deletions in strikethrough)

Section 1. The purposes of the Association shall be to advance anthropology as the science that studies public understanding of humankind in all its aspects,  through This includes, but is not limited to, archeological, biological, ethnological, social, cultural, economic, political, historical, medical, visual, and linguistic anthropological research; The Association also commits itself and to further the professional interests of American anthropologists, including the dissemination of anthropological knowledge, expertise, and interpretationand its use to solve human problems.

Section 2. To advance the science of anthropology the public understanding of humankind, the Association shall: Foster and support the development of special anthropological societies organized on a regional or functional basis; Publish and promote the publication of anthropological monographs and journals; Encourage anthropological teaching, research, and practiceact to coordinate activities of members of the Association with those of other organizations concerned with anthropology, and maintain effective liaison with related sciences knowledge disciplines and their organizations.

Section 3. To further the professional interests of anthropologists, the Association shall, in addition to those activities described under Section 2: Take action on behalf of the entire profession and integrate the professional activities of anthropologists in the special aspects of the science; and promote the widespread recognition and constant improvement of professional standards in anthropology.


RAI Anthropology of Sport Photo Contest

from American Anthropological Association by Amy

The Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) is holding an Anthropology of Sport photo contest. The competition is free to enter and is open to both professional and amateur photographers in the UK and abroad who are interested in anthropology, photography and sport. The contest seeks engaging photographs that explore cross-cultural and human elements of sport in relation to globalization, identity and the body.

The Visual Anthropology of Fashion and Running

from – anthropology in the news blog by Lorenz

More and more anthropology videos and documentaries are available on Youtube and Vimeo. Among the more recent additions we find these ones here that I enjoyed watching – and at the same time show the diversity of the discipline

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