“A Primer on Creative Commons

A Primer on Creative Commons – The Web’s Most Prominent Content Licensing System

from Freelance Writing Jobs by Jonathan Bailey

Unless you haven?t been paying attention, you?ve probably at least heard of Creative Commons or seen its licenses around on various sites.

However, there?s a great deal of misunderstanding regarding what Creative Commons Licenses actually are, how they function and what their purpose is. For a freelance writer to decide if they should license some of their work under Creative Commons, they first need to understand thse things as well as how to correctly use CC-licensed conten.

UK government promises no disconnection for file-sharers

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

The UK government has promised that it will not use disconnection as part of its campaign against illegal downloading.

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Why Amazon Rules the Future of Publishing – And What it Would Take to Dethrone Them

from Freelance Writing Jobs by Robin Parrish

Facebook Increasingly Drives The Blogosphere

from All Facebook by Jackie Cohen

Facebook and other social media like Twitter appear to be increasing their influence upon the blogosphere, according to Technorati?s State of the Blogosphere 2010 report, released today.

RockMelt: a new browser for a personalised, social web experience

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Emma Heald

A new browser called RockMelt will offer users a way to stay connected to their friends and indeed, their “world,” as they navigate web pages. “Why not build the world right into your browser?” a blog post on RockMelt.com asks.

RockMelt’s fundamental goal seems to be making browsing the Web a personal experience. Users will have to log in to use RockMelt, and as all the information entered is stored in the cloud, a user’s account can be accessed from anywhere with all its settings.  It connects with Facebook and other social sites and allows users to chat with friends directly through the browser, and keep track of what they are doing.  A sharing function has been built directly into the browser so that users can share to Facebook or Twitter with one click. They can keep their favourite contacts always visible along the left-hand side and share links with them simply by dragging and dropping.

Eric Schmidt on Google?s Foreign Policy [VIDEO]

from Mashable! by Evan Wexler

23 Ways to Integrate Facebook and Twitter with Traditional Advertising

from social media vb by Patsy Stewart
Integrated Media Marketing is when you effectively integrate social media with traditional marketing. Here are 23 ideas for integrating Facebook and Twitter in PR, direct selling, customer services, advertising and sales promotions.

Social Media Loyalty Study: Users follow only 5 brands

from social media vb by Martin Meyer-Gossner
The main challenge for companies in the future will be to find, to identify and keep loyal clients. A lot of companies have asked me lately if there is some study on how loyal social media users are to brands. One of the studies that might offer some insights is this years Cone Consumer New Media Study.

The Future of Human Resources and Social Media

from Mashable! by Sharlyn Lauby

Facebook Becoming Main Source Of Evidence For Divorce Lawyers

from All Facebook by Steve Tanner

In the process of getting un-hitched from your spouse? You might not want to flaunt your extramarital exploits on Facebook, since anything posted to your social network may be used against you in divorce court.

Risk Reduction Strategies on Facebook

from apophenia by zephoria

Sometimes, when I?m in the field, I find teens who have strategies for managing their online presence that are odd at first blush but make complete sense when you understand the context in which they operate. These teens use innovative approaches to leverage the technology to meet personal goals. Let me explain two that caught my attention this week.

The Role of Internet Service Providers in Cyber Security

from Docuticker
The Role of Internet Service Providers in Cyber Security (PDF) Source: Institute for Homeland Security Solutions The current level of insecurity of the Internet is a worldwide problem that has resulted in a multitude of costs for businesses, governments, and individuals. Past research suggests that one significant factor in these cyber security problems is the inadequate […]

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