“101 Free Alternatives to Commonly Used Paid Software” and a roundup

sosyalmedya1 500x375 Erkans TV career (!) begins tonight

Social Networks Are Not Killing Our Social Lives [STATS]

from Mashable! by Brenna Ehrlich

How the iPad is Transforming Web Design

HOW TO: Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

On MySpace?s New Strategy

from Mashable! by Ben Parr

Microsoft Shifts From Silverlight to HTML5

from Mashable! by Christina Warren

When Are Facebook Users Most Active? [STUDY]

from Mashable! by Christina Warren

Social Media Continues to Miss the Mark: The Overemphasis on Popularity

from Social Realist by Jennifer Mattern

It?s been years now since I first became frustrated with people working in the social media / blogging world who put an overemphasis on popularity as though they were snotty little schoolgirls. Back then it was more about all the blog ?influence? lists or rankings based on faulty metrics (like the Power150 or Edelman?s social media index). Things aren?t any better today I?m sorry to say. In fact, they?re worse.

Russia: Online Activism Success Stories

from Global Voices Online by Alexey Sidorenko

By Alexey Sidorenko

While Internet analysts across the Atlantic are busy arguing if the use of technology brings about social and political change, bloggers in Russia add their humble contributions to the debate, probably unaware that the debate is taking place at all. Their victories are few and small and their impact can easily be attributed to statistical error – but they certainly are out there.

Barnes & Noble Unveils Full-Color, Android-Based Nook

from Mashable! by Christina Warren

Barnes And Noble?s New NookColor Includes Facebook Integration

from All Facebook by Erik Cisler

By now, you?re probably already aware of the new color version of Barnes and Noble?s popular Nook e-Reader, due for release in late November. The NookColor is set to compete directly with Apple?s iPad, and it expands on the original Nook?s capabilities with the inclusion of Facebook connectivity.

Crowd-Sourced Johnny Cash Music Video Is a Work of Digital Art

from Mashable! by Brenna Ehrlich

If you?re a Johnny Cash fan and you have some time to spare today, we highly suggest heading over to The Johnny Cash Project?s website to take part in the making of a truly innovative, crowd sourced music video dedicated to the Man in Black.

5Across: Politics in the Age of Social Media

from MediaShift

news21 small.jpg

5Across is sponsored by Carnegie-Knight News21, an alliance of 12 journalism schools in which top students tell complex stories in inventive ways. See tips for spurring innovation and digital learning at Learn.News21.com.

Facebook Study Reveals Why We Friend Each Other

from All Facebook by Natasha Murashev

Why are you friends with your friends? Is it because they share the same racial background as you? Or because they are of the same ethnicity as you? Or is it for an entirely different reason? Previous research on this topic focused on the these obvious aspects of people?s background to learn how we choose who we?re friends with. However, with the help of Facebook, researchers have found a new way of looking at frienships, and their findings may surprise you.

The Social Network: In Real Life

from All Facebook by Guest Author

Three weeks after it hit theaters, The Social Network is still getting a lot of buzz. Was it accurate? Wasn?t it accurate? Can it really be called the Citizen Kane of our generation? At the forefront of everyone?s minds: where are they now? Did the actors deliver a fair portrayal of their real-life counterparts? You decide:

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