Sevcan tells us about DMG ?New Media Order? Conference

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I know that it was a late post about this activity. Please accept my apology. My workload and the thesis semester take all my time and I cannot even find time to go to the meetups regularly.

I want to add that, there will be Diwali Festival in UAE and India. Indians are praying for the lights and peace will be with them.  It was a different cultural information for me. Because of this new situation, we were trying to create a new section and content to our website at the company.

Apart from these issues, as you can read from the title, I was at DMG ?New Media Order? Conferenceon Tuesday ?which was carried out with a different content and in which every development in the ever-growing digital media world due to new technologies and the expectations for the future media was debated.?

The content was announced as below,

Content and revenue models in the new media order

Situation of new media in Turkey

The future of advertising and marketing in new media

The future of newspapers, democracy and journalism in a digital age

Leadership in new media order

The effect of new media on conventional channels

In general, audience was from the sectors such as new media, digital marketing or e-commerce etc. I have to indicate that so many members of the audience had Ipad (maybe 1/5 of the total) and did not need to take notes with the papers that DMG had given. The questions which were asked to the speakers were good enough except the last part in which Seth Godin made a video conference.

If we should look at the speakers,

The first part; Chris Anderson, Wired Editor in Chief talked about the growth of the tablets and the  Ipad version of Wired. Notebooks and netbooks can be useless after a while (we are talking about long period ofcourse) and in my opinion; by using tablets, reading news and magazines in a digital shape, horizontal usage will be functional again.

The second part was for Jr.Arthur Sulzberger, NY Times Company Chairman about journalism in digital age. It was like a Media Theory and Journalism lecture but all the speech was also so similar if we think our journalists in Turkey.

The third part after the lunch started with a conversation between Christian Hernandez (Facebook Head of International BD.), Chris Anderson and Levent Erden (IAB Turkey Chairman) about new business models in social and digital media. The first impression to Levent Erden was not so clear because not only the audience but also the participants understood Levent Erden in a wrong way. He talked about the advantages and disadvantages of social life by using social media.

The fourth part started with David Goodman,CBS Interactive Music Corporation CEO. He had a wonderful presentation which was about the growing and importance of radio in digital life. I really enjoyed while watching his speech. By the way is my favourite.

The last part was made with two video conferences which is for Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks Founder and Seth Godin, Marketing Guru & Author.

Especially this part was very attactive for the audience because both of them was talking very serial and giving so much tips about their professional field.

If we want to think about the usage of social media tools for this conference, we can easily say that

DMG was using twitter frequently. The hashtag was found a little late but in 3 hours the total number of feeds was 66 and at the end of the day it was nearly 300. They quoted every sentence which was said by speakers.

It was a nice day for the people who is working or trying to ?create? something in digitally.

We’d had a good experience with those professionals and I want to say that, DMG made a nice job.

In conclusion, we can have two statements:.

1. You can do something in a routine way, but if you want to create something, do not fear not to fail.

2. Youtube is a snack, tv is a meal and apple is a dessert. Nothing is equal but everything is eatable.


A critical review of the event from İsmail Hakkı Polat here (in Turkish).

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