Euro roundup: rights of EU citizens; EU’s image problem etc…

Know your rights as an EU citizen

by Grahnlaw

Are you moving within the European Union? Are you looking for work in another EU country, or are you setting up shop? Is your employer turning you into an expat? Do you want to spend retirement in another EU member state? Are there family reasons for relocating? Do you want to bring your non-EU family members into the European Union?

Filmmaker says movies can help solve EU’s ‘image problem’


By supporting European filmmaking the EU can banish its image as a bureaucratic economic body and get in touch with its emotional side, film director Wim Wenders told a European Parliament hearing yesterday (27 October).

Commission lists 50 ideas to reignite Single Market


In an effort to rekindle European faith in the social and economic power of the 27-nation bloc, the European Commission on Wednesday (27 October) laid down plans for a new Single Market Act, offering a list of 50 proposals that could be put into action in the next two years.

MAIN FOCUS: Rampant corruption worldwide | 28/10/2010

from euro|topics

Three-quarters of all the countries in the world have major problems with corruption, according to Transparency International’s most recent Corruption Perceptions Index. Although for different reasons, Latvia, Bulgaria and Ireland have little cause to celebrate, commentators note.

Sarkozy’s win comes at long-term cost

from – World, Europe
Union leaders refused to admit defeat, calling on Mr Sarkozy not to sign into law the pension reform bill, which was approved by parliament this week. But the Elysée palace was confident it was on the home straight

Sarkozy to Reding: ‘You will pay consequences for insulting France’

from – Headline News

Buzek clashes with EU leaders over ‘un-European’ budget

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eGovernment progress in Finland ? How about foreigners?

by Grahnlaw

Among the planned actions of the Digital Agenda for Europe 2010-2020 you find the so called VII Pillar: ICT for Social Challenges. Better public services are among these objectives (eGovernment).

One of the benefits of the European Union is that it fosters interaction and mutual learning between the European and national levels and between the public administrations of the member states.

MAIN FOCUS: Merkel scores partial victory in Brussels | 29/10/2010

from euro|topics

The EU has given in to German demands that private creditors such as banks should share the costs of state financial crises. The proposal that deficit offenders be deprived of voting rights was however rejected. The press praises German Chancellor Merkel’s diplomatic skill but continues to fear for the stability of the Eurozone.

The EU?s merry budget dance

from Jon Worth by Jon
EU Flag – CC / Flickr

The British press has been making a big thing of negotiations on the 2011 EU budget for the past couple of days. David Cameron was apparently telephoning EU leaders yesterday, and on the eve of today?s summit claimed victory that the budget would rise 2.9% rather than the 5.9% proposed. About the lower increase Cameron said ?the key point is, it wouldn?t have happened without our action?. Not so.

EU countries still divided over voting rights issue

A Franco-German proposal to sanction eurozone budget sinners by stripping them of their EU voting rights faces massive opposition from other countries in the bloc, it emerged after a two-day summit in Brussels on Friday (29 October).

From never-never land to reality; Angela Merkel takes care of business

from Open Europe blog by Open Europe blog team

Before yesterday?s European Council meeting, the European press were predicting that the Franco-German agreement made in Deauville might as well have been made in ?never-never land?. Member states will resist and President Sarkozy and Chancellor Merkel will stand ?isolated?, they said.

Tearing up treaties is a high-risk gamble for Europe

from – World, Europe
In the machinations between Berlin and Paris we are seeing an issue with great potential for European upheaval, write David Owen and David Marsh

Battle over treaty change divides Europe ahead of summit

from – Headline News

Torture ‘abhorrent’ says MI6 head

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Britain’s head of secret intelligence, Sir John Sawers, condemns torture as “illegal and abhorrent”.

Human Rights Watch denounces Roma deportations to Kosovo

from – Headline News

Merkel’s treaty tweak threatens EU credibility

from – World, Europe
The Franco-German plan to amend Lisbon would represent a serious curtailment of national sovereignty, writes Tony Barber

Netherlands: Remove queen from government, says Wilders

Queen Beatrix should no longer be officially part of the government, PVV leader Geert Wilders said during the debate on the new government on Tuesday.

Merkel refuses to fold

by Open Europe blog team
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a tough cookie.

Sandwiched between Deauville and tomorrow’s EU Summit, Dr. Merkel took to the podium today to defend the controversial pact with President Sarkozy on economic governance in the eurozone that has left both German politicans and EU leaders incensed (but in different ways).

İBRAHİM KALIN – The slow death of multiculturalism in Europe

Has multiculturalism run its course in Europe? If one takes a picture of certain European countries today and freezes it, that would be the logical conclusion.

Britain’s defence review: Good news for European defence?

by Centre for European Reform

by Clara Marina O’Donnell

On October 19th, the UK’s coalition government published its ‘strategic defence and security review’ (SDSR), laying out the future shape of Britain’s armed forces. As was to be expected at a time of budget austerity, the SDSR foresees significant cuts in military capabilities. But the review also has some good news. The need to save money has made the UK government more willing to move towards long-overdue European co-operation. In addition, the coalition is keen to see the EU play a role in defence, a pragmatism which stands in stark contrast to the eurosceptic views held by the Conservative party before the general election last May.

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