A too busy day, I could only have time to publish it now… My best songs lists will continue next week…

album of the week

The Clans Will Rise Again
~ Grave Digger

new stuff

Black Swans & Wormhole Wizards
~ Joe Satriani

~ Angra

~ Revamp

Consequence of Power
~ Circle II Circle

Exiled to Earth
~ Bonded by Blood

older stuff

Epic: Poetry of War by Kataklysm

special interest

Borknagar by Borknagar

Brave Murder Day
by Katatonia

tribute to the ancestors

A Bigger Bang by The Rolling Stones

Queen by Queen

Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan

Madman Across the Water by Elton John

Disraeli Gears by Cream

Queen 2 by Queen

Blonde on Blonde

~ Bob Dylan

Honky Chateau by Elton John


Recovery by Eminem

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