Radikal daily re-launched today


… with a supposedly radical content, with new columnists, new size…. I am not sure if the daily will provide more radical and provocative content than Taraf daily already brings. However, based on the new columnist list, there might be more academic substance in the content…


here is an ad of new Radikal

and a few more can be found in video uploader’s account…


Journalist Özkök: Media People are Being Wiretapped

from Bianet :: English
Journalist Özkök testified at the prosecution as a “victim” of the voice records found in the archive of former Eskişehir Chief of Police Avcı. “I complain against keeping records related to private life”, he said.

Politician Birdal: 10 Newspapers Seized 27 Times in 2009

from Bianet :: English
BDP deputy Birdal stated that both the Turkish Criminal Law and the Anti-Terror Law are being used to restrict freedom of expression. He said that the parliament carries the responsibility of solving this situation as soon as possible.

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