Istanbul Marathon tomorrow, many roads closed…

Eurasia Marathon to close roads in Istanbul on Sunday
Hurriyet Daily News
With some 100000 people expected to run from Asia to Europe and through central parts of Istanbul on Sunday, the city will see a variety of road closures

Beyoglu: A Soho in the Heart of Istanbul
Intelligent Travel from National Geographic Traveler Magazine (blog)
By IT Blog, October 15, 2010 4:45 PM | Comments (0) In our October cover story, Pico Iyer writes of the wonders of Istanbul, the “City of the Future.

On stage: İstanbul through the eyes of its paper trash collectors
Today’s Zaman
Their talk goes round and round, coming to rest on the subject of İstanbul. And suddenly this city, the subject of so many poems and films,

Istanbul, Turkey: a cultural guide – Telegraph

Istanbul cultural policies criticized at ‘Soul of Europe’ forum
Hurriyet Daily News
Renowned actor and activist Memet Ali Alabora says Istanbul’s ?city culture was destroyed by taking the Roma people out of Sulukule? Şekip Avdagiç,

Turkish Defense Ministry use of historical buildings in Istanbul sparks debate
Hurriyet Daily News
Local Procurement Command of four historical buildings on the grounds of Istanbul’s Topkapı Palace has sparked debates, daily Milliyet reported Tuesday.

Let?s Turn Istanbul Into Manhattan!

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White
Image from Radikal

Is this for real? According to the Turkish news, a plan has been hatched, to be realized within two years, to dig a canal from the Golden Horn to the upper Bosphorus, 100 meters wide and 20 km long, following along existing stream beds. It would then cut off part of the European side of Istanbul and make it ?look like Manhattan?, surrounded by water. Why? The canal will be used for transportation. It will also, according to the plan, flush the Golden Horn with water from the Bosphorus.  (click here, in Turkish) Oh, I forgot to mention: it will cost 20 million dollars.

Turkish PM Erdogan’s “Crazy Project” |

Contemporary cool in Istanbul and The ins and outs of river cruising – Financial News USA

Turkish delight: Contemporary cool in Istanbul
Here we explore Istanbul, one of Turkey’s most vibrant cities. Read more about Turkey and other featured countries on our site. (CNN) — Istanbul may be two

East meets West in opulent Istanbul – Telegraph
Istanbul, this year’s European Capital of Culture, straddles two continents, creating a multicultural and geo-political convergence that is without

Lessons from a western Istanbul
Cyprus Mail
Istanbul is a country in its own right. Who wouldn’t just love to live in a villa overlooking the magical and buzzing Bosphorus, where there are over 3500

Istanbul, again
Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog)
Though Claire recently shared her experience in Istanbul, I thought I would add a bit more about my recent trip to Istanbul. How do I describe Istanbul

Shopping for a hamam visit in Istanbul
Hurriyet Daily News
Across Turkey, as well as in Istanbul, it’s possible to find centuries-old hamams which are still in use. These are often elaborately ornamented

Starting point: Mosques of Istanbul

from Hurriyet Dailynews
There are many beautiful buildings in Istanbul as architecture is rich and diverse in the city.

The Agoras Project Creates a Quiet Urban Escape in Busy Istanbul
by Bridgette Meinhold, 10/11/10 Istanbul may not be the capital of Turkey, but it’s certainly one of the country’s biggest and most bustling centers

Warning system for Istanbul quakes gives too little time, report says
Hurriyet Daily News
Top earthquake experts said last week that although the Istanbul Earthquake Rapid Response and Early Warning System has been functioning in the Marmara

BBC News – The Real Istanbul
Istanbul is a city of contrasts in which Europe meets Asia and the ancient and modern sit side by side.

All Roads Lead to Istanbul – by James Traub
Foreign Policy
Turkey is more popular now than it has been since the Ottoman Empire. But can it please all of its new friends at the same time? BY JAMES TRAUB | OCTOBER 15

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  1. Let?s Turn Istanbul Into Manhattan!
    “…Oh, I forgot to mention: it will cost 20 million dollars”
    20 million is wrong, should be 20 billion!

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