“Who?s Suing Whom” in Cyberworld?

Who?s Suing Whom?

from Daily Bits by noemi

Lawsuits are so common these days that no one pays attention to them anymore. But, did you have an idea about the extent of pending lawsuits in the mobile industry? We hear about one company suing another for patent infringement all the time, but I doubt that we actually spend much time on thinking about these things.

Just recently, tech blogs and new sites exploded with reports on how Microsoft is suing Motorola over the latter?s line of Android phones. The lawsuit involves several cases of Motorola supposedly violating certain patents belonging to Microsoft. This is not the sole case, though. There are lots of others that have been on in this sector.

Here?s an interesting ? amusing, actually ? visual representation of what?s going on in that world, courtesy of The Guardian.

Mixing Work and Play on Facebook

Purdue U. creates a learning-management system that meets students on their turf and puts them in charge. more

Social Networking Map Shows Rise of Online Communities [IMAGES]

from Mashable! by Brenna Ehrlich

People love to cite that all-interesting factoid: If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world. Well, now ? thanks to geeky-yet-popular web comic XKCD ? you can unlock a whole lot more geographical goodness with the ?Updated Map of Online Communities.?

Why the copyright wars matter: a reply to Helienne Lindvall

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

In this week’s Guardian column, “The real cost of free,” I reply to last week’s broadside by my fellow Guardian columnist Helienne Lindvall, who accused me of charging enormous fees to encourage creators to give their works away. After correcting the record on fees (most of my talks are free, a small number are paid for, and a tiny fraction of those are paid for at large amounts), I go to the meat of the issue: what is it that I tell people when they ask me to speak at their events?

Why the Social Web Is the Guardian of Net Neutrality

from Mashable! by Jon Goldman

Facebook Moves Closer to EFF Bill of Privacy Rights

from EFF.org Updates by kurt

Today Facebook announced three new features that help move the social networking giant closer to satisfying EFF’s Bill of Privacy Rights for Social Networking. While EFF continues to have outstanding issues with Facebook, we greatly appreciate these important steps toward giving Facebook users more transparency and control when it comes to how the information they post to Facebook is shared, and more power to take their Facebook data with them if they ever choose to leave the service. While Facebook has taken some good steps here, and we recognize that this is just the first iteration of the new features, we do have several additional recommendations, noted below. We will continue to dialogue with Facebook on these issues.

The New Facebook Groups: All You Need To Know

from All Facebook by Nick O’Neill

?Groups? Feature Is the New Facebook [OP-ED]

from Mashable! by Brenna Ehrlich

The real cost of free | Cory Doctorow | Technology | guardian.co.uk

How Climate Activists Are Warming to Social Media

from MediaShift

American environmentalists recently suffered a pair of devastating defeats in their decades-long effort to halt global warming. Progress stalled on domestic legislation to cap greenhouse gas emissions prior to a key UN summit in Copenhagen. Lack of leadership from America, the world’s second largest climate polluter, made it impossible to produce and binding international agreement at the conference. Then, a few months later, the U.S. climate bill died in the Senate.

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