Daily Telegraph becomes a black propaganda tool against AKP


DT’s notarious journalist Con Coughlin [check out the Criticism section there] penned down an explicit lie about AKP and Iran. Supposedly Iran donated AK Party 25 million dollars! Even our wild secularists could not imagine that. He doesn’t name any of his sources or provide the reader with any tangible proof. But he can make speculative news just like that by relying on press freedom. A Yeni Şafak columnist and an HaberTurk piece focuses on Mr. Coughlin’s Zionist/Israeli connections… (in Turkish). In the mean time, AK Party demands apology on Iran donation claim.

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Activist Magazines Foster Debate Online, Strong Bonds in Print

from MediaShift

Climate change. Immigration. Economic crisis. Consumerism.

These are all major issues covered by the magazines Mother Jones and Orion, and both magazines have won awards for their high-quality journalism. At the same time, they are nonprofits with tight budgets and ongoing fundraising campaigns.

Will success in mobile gadget sales translate for newspapers?

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Stefanie Chernow


Even though the leaves are barely changing color, electronic retailers are looking towards the holiday season for sales. The Wall Street Journal reports that people are more interested in buying tablets and multi-use mobile phones over traditional electronics such as televisions and PCs. For the newspaper industry, this could potentially broaden the market of consumers.

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