Arrogant Sarkozy attacks Barroso

Sarkozy unleashes ‘violent’ tirade against Barroso at summit

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Sarkozy attacks Roma row critics

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy denounces as “outrageous” comments by an EU commissioner criticising France’s deportation of Roma.

Roma issue sparks Franco-German row

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President Nicolas Sarkozy of France faces another international incident after German chancellor Angela Merkel denies his claims on the fringes of a European Union summit that she was preparing to clear Roma camps in Germany

Summit sees Sarkozy, Barroso clash in bitter Roma row

A one-day summit held yesterday (16 September) will be remembered for a dramatic clash between Nicolas Sarkozy and José Manuel Barroso over the expulsions of Roma by France. In an institutional crisis that is still ongoing, the French president spoke of an “insult” to his nation, while the European Commission tried to show a new, more courageous face.

MAIN FOCUS: Sarkozy lashes back at EU over Roma policy | 17/09/2010

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Thursday’s EU summit in Brussels has been overshadowed by internal wrangling. French President Nicolas Sarkozy upbraided Commission President José Manuel Barroso for the EU’s criticism of France’s Roma deportations and the comparison with Nazi Germany. The press writes that Sarkozy can hardly play the victim, and points out that EU rules hold for everyone.

Sarkozy rages at EU ‘humiliation’

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A standoff between Brussels and Paris on the treatment of Roma migrants deepened on Thursday as Nicolas Sarkozy vowed to continue deportations and called comments made by the European Commission challenging his policy ‘a humiliation’

Sarkozy defies E.U. criticism on Gypsy expulsions

from Wash Post Europe by Raf Casert

BRUSSELS – French President Nicolas Sarkozy upended a European Union summit to defend his nation’s honor Thursday, vowing to keep clearing illegal immigrant camps despite accusations that the France’s policy is racist and unfairly targets Roma, or Gypsies.

?Romagate?: Did French government target Roma? And now?

by Grahnlaw

We have seen an extraordinary war of words between the European Commission and a highly strung government of France. This has tended to obscure the real issues. Let us return to some of them.

Yes, historically France has made important contributions to human rights. With its universal values, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen (1789) remains a milestone. The motto of the French Republic ? Liberty, equality, fraternity ? is also universal.

Sarkozy hits back at Reding in Roma row

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The French president suggests the EU commissioner’s her home state of Luxembourg should open its doors to Roma migrants who have outstayed their welcome in France

Sarkozy ‘misunderstood’ Merkel on Roma, says German FM

from Hurriyet Dailynews
French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s claim that Chancellor Angela Merkel had told him Germany plans to clear Roma camps is a ‘misunderstanding,’ Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said on Friday.

?Romagate?: Sarkozy gets an earful back from European press

by Grahnlaw

The conclusions of the European Council yesterday, 16 September 2010 (EUCO 21/10) give a somewhat surreal impression, because they drone on about the external relations of the European Union and briefly mention economic governance, whereas the drama inside seems to have emanated from an irate president Nicolas Sarkozy. The reporters outside were served highly contradictory accounts of the altercations.

Tweet Your MEP: a new direct democracy tool is in town

from Public Affairs 2.0 by fhbrussels

Yesterday I was privileged to attend a meeting about the Citizens? Consultations with a keynote speech from Viviane Reding, Vice President of the Commission. As a discussion about citizen interaction within Brussels policymaking, it was the perfect venue for the announcement by Toute l?Europe of their new website Tweet Your MEP, a tool they developed in cooperation with Europatweets.

MAIN FOCUS: The Pope visits the UK | 16/09/2010

from euro|topics

The head of the Catholic Church will make the first papal state visit to the UK since the separation of the Anglican Church in the 16th century. A historic event, commentators write, during which Pope Benedict XVI must also address the cases of sexual abuse in the Church.

Spinelli Group for citizens? EU launched

by Grahnlaw

Yesterday a number of dedicated Europeans launched the Spinelli Group for a citizens? Europe, federal and post-national. On the webpage you can read and sign the manifesto, which aims to accelerate the process of European integration in a world where each EU member state is small on its own.

Economic governance: a tale of two polls

by Open Europe blog team

A new poll published yesterday by the German Marshall Fund of the United States makes for interesting reading.

With a few exceptions, majorities in the eurozone countries said the euro has been a bad thing for their economy, including France (60%) and Germany (53%), but also Spain (53%) and Portugal (52%). Italians were divided on the benefits of the euro with 47% saying the euro has been good and 48% saying it has been bad for their economy. Only the Dutch (52%) and Slovaks (64%) had majorities saying the euro has been a good thing.

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