BBC interviews Hilal Kaplan on “the humiliating ban”

Hilal Kaplan
Hilal Kaplan feels the ban discriminates against women like herself and holds Turkey back

‘Humiliating ban’

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Student explains why she defied Turkish headscarf ban

Jour de marché avant les fêtes (kurban bayram) à Hakkari : le calme avant la tempête kurde

from YOL (routes de Turquie et d’ailleurs) by anne

A Hakkari, dans l?extrême sud est du pays, à proximité des frontières irakienne et iranienne,  comme ailleurs en Turquie avant les fêtes de Kurban Bayram, les habitants font les courses. Lors des fêtes du sacrifice, on ne se contente pas de sacrifier une bête, quand on en a les moyens. On fait aussi des cadeaux aux enfants : bonbons, mais aussi vêtements neufs. A une époque c?était le moment où on achetait la paire de chaussures annuelle.

Arap Kadri, A Cartoon Character

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali Akpinar

I thought I should also mention about Arap Kadri, a fictional character created by the cartoonist Latif Demirci in the cartoon series of Tarzan in Firt (a humour magazine from the 70?s and 80?s created by Tekin Aral) because he is not only a comic character, but he refers to real people you might come across on the street.

Sweet ritual fades to sweet memory during Turkish holiday

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The end of the fasting month of Ramadan means a feast of candy, doled out to children as they go around paying respects to neighborhood elders, family and friends.

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