Sarkozy finds the weakest target- Roma people under attack

Anger mounts over Sarkozy’s Romany pledge

from – World, Europe
France’s extreme right National Front and the Catholic Church have joined the chorus of criticism over the crackdown on illegal Romany camps by Nicolas Sarkozy, French president

The Roma of France: beware of oversimplification

from Social Europe Journal by Rene Cuperus

We could easily agree that the plight of the Roma, as accurately and alarmingly portrayed by George Soros on this Social Europe website, remains a human tragedy of unprecedented historical proportions.  The Roma?s unremitting story of poverty, (self-)marginalization, discrimination, expulsion and persecution, notably in the barbaric Nazi-years, is a grim reminder of how people treat other people ?because they seem  different??.

Italy to ask EU for permission to expel Roma


France: Discrimination Against Roma People, Labeled as ?Thieves?

from Global Voices Online by Lova Rakotomalala

By Suzanne Lehn · Translated by Lova Rakotomalala · View original post [fr]

The Plight of the Roma

from Social Europe Journal by George Soros

The Roma have been persecuted across Europe for centuries. Now they face a form of discrimination unseen in Europe since World War II: group evictions and expulsions from several European democracies of men, women, and children on the grounds that they pose a threat to public order.

MAIN FOCUS: German economy booms | 23/08/2010

from euro|topics

Reacting to Germany’s surprisingly strong economic development in the second quarter, German economic experts have raised their growth forecasts for 2010 to as high as 3.4 percent. Commentators say Germany’s growth could harm the French economy but benefit Poland.

Questionable EU priorities

from Open Europe blog by Open Europe blog team

On Friday, the Commission opened up a new fund of ?1 million for think tanks and NGOs to further research how to “promote active European Citizenship”.

Corruption, crime and journalism in Europe

from by Sarah Truesdale

Political corruption in Europe is the drama of the season. Confronted by media revelations, the governments of Old Europe are criticising, even muzzling the media space whose influence they fear. Not all countries react in the same way: in Great Britain, Germany and Poland, media investigations pressure governments to fire people. In France and Italy, the news isn?t causing a stir at all

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