finally Istanbul’s annoying (!) stray cats gets coverage:)

FILE - In this Aug 18, 2010 file photo a cat ...
In this Aug 18, 2010 file photo a cat lays on top of a table in a cafe in Istanbul, Turkey. Many a visitor to Turkey has noted the abundance of stray cats in the old imperial capital of Istanbul. They amble and lounge around some mosques and have the run of a couple of universities. Facebook campaigns gather supplies for them, and it’s easy to spot nibbles and plastic containers of water left discreetly on sidewalks for the felines. This month, cats will get a publicity boost when the world basketball championships begin in Istanbul and three other Turkish cities. The official mascot is ‘Bascat,’ a white cat with one blue eye and one green eye, similar to an unusual breed native to the eastern city of Van.? Read more » (AP Photo/Ibrahim Usta/File)

Cat culture thrives in Istanbul
The Associated Press
ISTANBUL ? When President Obama visited Turkey last year, he paused to stroke a tabby cat at the former Byzantine church of Haghia Sophia while Turkish

Istanbul Diary
When I arrived in Istanbul on a Friday, expecting it to be a public holiday, and found no lull in its everyday activities, I realised how Turkey was not the

Proletariat palace on Istanbul island on offer for 5 million euros
Hurriyet Daily News
The pending sale of the Istanbul home where Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky spent part of his time in exile has drawn criticism from prominent historians

Urban Sketchers: Istanbul
By Roger O’Reilly
A short while ago myself and some friends spent the weekend in Istanbul. What a beautiful city. I’ve always had an interest in it from a historical perspective and it didn’t disappoint. So much of the city that was extant during the

New exhibition in Istanbul to change view of Muslim science
Hurriyet Daily News
The interactive exhibition is currently displayed in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square but it already drew 500000 people to the London Science Museum when it

Istanbul… city that’s got the lot
By John Brunton 22/08/2010 Opulent palaces, magnificent mosques and churches, shop-tillyou-drop bazaars, wonderful food and late-night partying – Istanbul

Street Markets in Istanbul

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali Akpinar

Istanbul is a city of street markets. Every week 358 markets open in the streets of Istanbul, serving millions of Istanbullu by 50 thousands of sellers, selling vegetables, fruits, diary food, things for home, clothes, used stuff, even antiques. The markets are usually named after the day they open e.g. Sali pazari, Carsamba pazari, Persembe pazari. Below is the list of some of the markets and the number of street markets on each day:

Ecological Markets in Istanbul

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali Akpinar

It really is worrying to see echological markets open in Istanbul, where all the street markets were already echological not long ago. Here are the list of the echological markets on both sides:

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