Ramadan. the 1st day report (!)


Muslim Jazz musicians will perform in Istanbul during Ramadan. But of course I have nothing to do with that. Muslim or not. I don’t like Jazz:)

Fasting in this year’s Ramadan is a real challenge. The day is long – nearly 16 hours of fasting- it is hot and humid. Real challenge. My long time readers know that I fast but also I don’t like it much (!) and since I prefer to live my religious beliefs more privately- oh shit but now i announce publicly- but you got what I mean, I hope, this collectively experienced ritual is not too agreable with me. Anyway,

I have to report that so far everything is all right. Maybe because I was busy. In the early morning I went to Irish Consulate to apply for a visa- yes I am planning to go to Ireland soon for the EASA conference on Aug 23- and it was my most civilized applications. I would like to thank Irish Consulate officials.

Then I worked all day in the office for an article whose revisions have to be done today Yes, now it is ready, I will submit it after I post this stuff.

In the mean time, I watched an episode of Heroes, I listened to Pink Floyd and an Austrian avant garde band: Angizia. I had some self-pity for an ongoing complicated relationship. I chitchatted with a few colleagues who are still here for different reasons. In generel the campus looks like deserted. It is the deep Summer now.. Why should one be in the campus?

p.s. Oh no, don’t expect me to give daily reports:)

p.s. 2- Two more hours for the iftar.

3 thoughts on “Ramadan. the 1st day report (!)

  1. As a born and reborn non-believer i’ve always found this a strange tradition. It’s bad for the stomach and depressing for the mind.

    But anyway, have a good ramadan!

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