METALHEAD (Part 1)- Erkan introduces a new regular post series…

In addition to irregular series of  “Introducing Turkish Cybersphere” and weekly Sunday posts of ” Erkan?s field diary: Top posts of the week and month“, I would like to introduce a weekly post series on my heavy metal consumption. I hope to post “Metalhead” every Thursday…


album of the week
Knights of the Cross by Grave Digger

erkan’s best of- song 001

Song: A Perfect Day
Artist: Freedom Call
Album: Legend of The Shadowking (2010)

new stuff:

The Powerless Rise by As I Lay Dying
Good stuff.

Ghost Stories
~ Silent Civilian
it is ok.

special interest:

Erkan’s quest on folk metal/experimental metal:

Pale Folklore by Agalloch

tribute to the ancestors:

Physical Graffiti
~ Led Zeppelin

In Through the Out Door
~ Led Zeppelin

Dark Side of the Moon
~ Pink Floyd

Wish You Were Here
~ Pink Floyd

did not like it:
Presence by Led Zeppelin

news roundup:

When Jon Bon Jovi was younger…

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