hot and humid weather burns Istanbul but we still survive:)

photo source: milliyet

an Istanbul news roundup:

Earthquakes in Istanbul from Kozak Collection

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

Istanbul Directorate of Earthquake and Ground Analysis

Istanbul’s first step was an earthquake master plan drawn up for the city and the federal government by Bogazici University professor Dr. Mustafa Erdik?s team and researchers at three other Turkish universities in 2006. Such a plan is a rarity outside of rich cities like Tokyo and Los Angeles. Under a program financed with more than $800 million in loans from the World Bank and the European Investment Bank, and more in the pipeline from other international sources, Turkey is in the early stages of bolstering hundreds of the most vulnerable schools in Istanbul, along with important public buildings and more than 50 hospitals.

İstanbul Stock Exchange hits all-time record exceeding 60000
Today’s Zaman
The İstanbul Stock Exchange (İMKB) broke new records over the past two days, exceeding 60000 for the first time in its history in the first session of

Antiques and boutiques in Istanbul’s chic Cihangir district
Perhaps best known as Istanbul’s antique quarter, Cihangir is home to countless antiques stores. For lovers of all things old, taking a stroll down the

İstancool (And not Constantinople)
Sunday’s Zaman
Poor İstanbul. Was ever a city so roundly abused? I had written earlier this week to lament the rape of the city’s historical values by its own authorities

Turkey ? Armenia Youth Symphony Orchestra Gives Concert In Istanbul
History of Truth
Turkey-Armenia Youth Symphony Orchestra gave a concert in Istanbul on Friday night. Formed by 65 young Turkish and Armenian musicians, the orchestra took

Saints of Istanbul

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali Akpinar

Aziz = Saint in Arabic

Aziz Mahmud Hudayi Camii, Uskudar See virtual tour

Aya = Saint in Greek

Aya Sofya Museum, Sultanahmet See virtual tour

Istanbul’s UNESCO spot still under risk

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Istanbul, the 2010 European capital of culture, risks losing its place on UNESCO?s World Heritage List as a result of a lack of funding for conservation projects. Since 2006, UNESCO has said Istanbul?s historical sites are not being conserved according to international criteria and Turkish authorities? protection techniques are not demonstrating improvement

Exotic Istanbul
Daily Mail
Istanbul is the perfect choice for a more exotic city break, with art galleries, museums and shopping by day and restaurants, and lively bars by night.

Beggars in Istanbul

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali Akpinar

Beggars are back in town! I didn?t see many beggars for about ten years until five years ago but I see ?conventional? beggars in the street as well as new ?new wave? beggars who are normal-looking people, stops you in the street and asks for money to have soup, lunch, money to get home etc and come up with many different reasons for begging. This is, I believe, even worse than the ?conventional? ones because it is hardly impossible to distinguish people in need.

Useful expressions for shopping for clothes

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali Akpinar

Here is a useful mini dictionary of clothes, patterns, colours and useful Turkish expressions and questions if you are going shopping for clothes and don?t know enough Turkish words to describe what you want.

6 good reasons to visit Istanbul

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali Akpinar
  1. Istanbul could be your base if you want to travel Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine, Middle East or Asia.

Starting Point: How can Istanbul become a fashion capital of the world?

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
After being the culture capital, Istanbul shines like a gem with its potential of creating fashion trends of the world.

AP Exclusive: Turkey ill-prepared for earthquake
The Associated Press
The report says several Turkish cities are at risk from quakes, most notably Istanbul, a city that sits near a major fault line and has grown to 15 million

Urban, Anatolian sounds to blend in Istanbul’s streets

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The streets of Istanbul will be the scene of a special 11-day music event that will see 50 artists from all around the world perform with young musicians. A large concert will be organized following the workshop, which will be attended by the founders of the İsmet Sıral Creative Music Studio

A nostalgic patisserie in Istanbul | Istanbul Eats
By admin
A review of an old-fashioned patisserie in Istanbul’s Kadikoy neighborhood.

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