Alice in Chains bullshitting about Istanbul in their blog

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In their blog post about their Istanbul experience during Sonisphere 2010 the author bullshits (their software do not allow to give this link to this moronic piece of writing:

Istanbul was unlike any city we’ve ever been to.
It’s the fourth largest city in the world, so it’s huge, and culturally, it’s very different from the U.S.
One of those cultural differences? Deodorant.
Three times I got on an empty elevator in the hotel, and three times I nearly gagged on the 7 floor ride down to the lobby. I’m not sure who was riding on it before me, but they left behind a cluster bomb of personal stink. If you’re packing enough body odor that you leave a vapor trail behind wherever you go, perhaps a bar of soap and some speed stick might help out.
That’s nitpicking though. Turkey is an interesting country, but unfortunately due to the schedule and the weather, I never really got out to see it.
Mike went to a bazaar with some of the crew guys and said it was amazing, but beyond that I don’t think anyone even made it out of the hotel.

This is the level of an idiot for whose band our Istanbulites attribute so much importance… I never liked this kind of music consumed by depressed teenagers…

2 thoughts on “Alice in Chains bullshitting about Istanbul in their blog

  1. I am not offended. Turks indeed are not used to using deodorant; just take any bus in the summer and see, err… smell, for yourself.

  2. I have met some Turks and some do smell bad. Theres smelly people of all backgrounds there is nothing wrong with saying you hate the smell if B.O. and that someone stunk.

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