Sevcan Çelik on the March against Web Censorship

Protest against web censorship

Today we walked from Taksim Square to Galatasaray in Istkklal street. Once again, I thought that we are not alone, and it was not a simple crowd. A good team was there from our limited cybersphere but it was not enough.

[many of photos here are provided by Elif, our other guest authors, thanks Elif!]

This kind of protests or meetings are especially organized and followed by and

As we saw today, it was also a ?conscious meet up? against the censorship with so many users and owners of websites and organizations.

Through the walking, the aim was about to improve and correct the policy of internet which was given from our government.

The internet censorship was narrowed in scale and still some of the people are thinking that this is the ethical structure in our country. We are trying to find a solution to this censorship in this decade and on the other side we have to survive with the artificial rules of law.

Today, lots of people wanted the government to hear their voice again.

We were not silent and also tried to reach the president Abdullah Gül via twitter with this hashtag.

@cbadullahgul Biz Taksim?deyiz. Siz neredesiniz? #sansur?

But, even though we had 450 twits in 1 hour with #sansur hashtag, we were not on the list of trending topics in Twitter..

Think about it. If more than 6000 websites and accesses are blocked in one country and also this number increases day by day, who can keep quiet and sit around? Faithfully I say that we can protest this arbitrary censorship practices and public misinformation ?5651? times.

An edit: Did you hear the the uncensored version?

?tiny butterfly? song that we sang…

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Real Success against Virtual Censorship

from Bianet :: English
2,000 people from various organizations and institutions demonstrated in Istanbul against internet censorship in Turkey. The organizers and supporters appreciated the large number of participants and emphasized the importance to make their voices heard on the street.
Turkey protests internet censorship
Times of India
ISTANBUL: Over 2000 protesters marched in Turkey’s largest city Istanbul against strict internet censorship in the country. The protesters were demanding
Activists protest internet bans in Istanbul
Southeast European Times
ISTANBUL, Turkey — Hundreds of activists gathered in Taksim Square on Saturday (July 17th) to demand freedom of speech and the right to access information

YouTube Ban Finalized – for the Time Being…

from Bianet :: English
An Ankara court dismissed the appeal filed by İNTED against the access ban of 44 IP addresses that provided access to YouTube. Thus, the access ban imposed on YouTube 2 years ago will persist. 2,000 people demonstrated in Istanbul against internet censorship.

Deputy Governor Had Website Banned

from Bianet :: English
A Şanlıurfa court decided to ban access to the Sanlı website due to articles and reader comments criticizing Deputy Governor Yıdıray Malğaç. Assoc. Prof. Dr Akdeniz said the decision was a breach of the law.

Banning websites (I)

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
Ongoing Turkish bans on Internet sites like YouTube continue to demonstrate the lack of trust placed in the country’s citizens on the part of the authorities.

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