253 Turks were saved in Istanbul from drowning last weekend

Hot and humid weather frustrate Istanbulians and they rush towards water but without much swimming skills (or hygienic conditions). A Hürriyet report states 253 were saved from drowning last weekend…


photo from haberciniz.biz


Professional army still in planning stages, Turkish defense minister says

from Hurriyet Dailynews

Responding to reports that the military is preparing to hire 500,000 career soldiers, Defense Minister Vecdi Gönül said Wednesday that no such number had been determined, but work continues to prepare non-conscript forces.

Turkey ready to hire 500,000 career soldiers

from Yahoo news
Turkey is ready to hire 500,000 career soldiers as part of efforts to enhance military capability in border regions, according to a report on Wednesday. Local Daily Aksam quoted State Minister and Chief EU negotiator Egemen Bagis as saying during a visit to Brussels that “This structural change will also contribute to our struggle with unemployment.” However Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul said …

Diyarbakir : métropole kurde aux mille et un clichés.

from YOL (routes de Turquie et d’ailleurs) by anne

Lorsque l?on prononce le nom de Diyarbakir, beaucoup, et pas seulement des Turcs, ont des images plus proches de celles d?un Far West imaginaire que de la réalité qui leur viennent à l?esprit. L?été dernier, j?avais envoyé un mail de Diyarbakir à une copine d?Izmir. Elle n?a jamais mis les pieds dans la ville, mais elle s?est inquiétée pour moi :   ?Sois prudente, et surtout ne sors pas seule la nuit?.

Gender-equality training helps youth in Turkey’s East

from Hurriyet Dailynews
A gender-equality training course is making an impact as stories from the more than 1,500 certificate earners highlight examples of empowerment and improvement in the lives of women. The course aims to provide training to all 600,000 teachers in Turkey

Tecavuzcu Coskun, Turkish cult actors

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali Akpinar
Coskun Gögen, a film and theatre actor, is one of the cult characters in the Turkish movie business. He is also known as ?Tecavüzcü Coskun? (Coskun the Rapist) among the Turkish cinema audience as a reference to his main role in most Turkish films, which he is famous for being a bad guy working for […]

Anadolu Rock

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali Akpinar
Anadolu Rock is a fusion of Turkish folk and rock music. It emerged during the mid 1960s, soon after rock groups such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Status Quo, and Omega became popular in Turkey and is characterized through the work of Turkish musicians like Murat Ses, Cem Karaca, Baris Manco, Erkin […]

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