On Wiseman rejecting “privileged partnership”

Wiseman Commission Rejects “Privileged Partnership”

from Turkish Politics in Action by Ragan Updegraff

Former president of Spain Felipe Gónzalez / AFP Photo from Hurriyet Daily News

The 12-member wise man commission French president Nikolas Sarkozy endeavored to setup in 2007 in part to frustrate Turkey’s accession track has instead concluded that walking away from Turkey’s accession process or granting it/treating its accession bid with something less than full membership is a betrayal that risks EU credibility.

We?re giving diplomacy a chance

by acturca

International Herald Tribune, May 27, 2010, p. 6

By Ahmet Davutoglu and Celso Amorim *

The international community, including Turkey and Brazil, is in staunch opposition to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. We are also dedicated to achieving a world without nuclear weapons. In the case of the Iranian nuclear program, we firmly believe that a process of result-oriented negotiation is needed to avoid a slide toward conflict.

Egemen Bağış vs Barry Madlener

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
An apparently otherwise boring meeting of the European Union-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee saw entertaining scenes thanks to two men.

Can Turkey save Europe?

from Yahoo news
With the European economy floundering, Turkey, of all places, has become a model of stability, boasting robust growth, a secure banking system and a young population. Now Germany is seeking closer economic ties.
Turkeys PM Tayyip Erdogan listens to a  translation ...

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan listens to a translation through a headset during a Brazil-Turkey business conference in the Federation of Industries of Sao Paulo (FIESP) in Sao Paulo May 26, 2010.? Read more » REUTERS/Nacho Doce

As Ugly as It Gets

from NYT > Turkey by By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN
It?s shameful for Brazil and Turkey, nascent democracies, to embrace the Iranian president, who crushes democracy.

America Is Unwise to Dismiss The Tehran Deal

from The White Path

[Originally published in Hurriyet Daily News] Turkish diplomacy just had one of its most mind-boggling weeks. First, on Monday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄ?an and Foreign Minister Ahmet DavutoÄ?lu showed up in Tehran with their Brazilian counterparts, for a “historic” deal with their Iranian hosts. After an 18-hour-long negotiation, they held hands with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and smiled for the cameras. The reason for the celebration was that Iran was agreeing to a “swap deal” that the United States and its allies suggested to Tehran some seven months ago. As a “confidence building measure,” 1,200 kilos of enriched Iranian uranium would be transferred to a “third country.” In return, 12 months later, nuclear fuel rods would be given to Iran in order to be used at a medical research institute in its capital.

Giving Diplomacy a Chance

The Tehran declaration brokered by Turkey and Brazil needs to be given the opportunity to work.

Turkey?s work on Iran nuclear deal shows emerging diplomatic power

by acturca

The Christian Science Monitor, May 19, 2010

Scott Peterson

While the US has continued to press for UN Security Council sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, Turkey?s high-profile role in brokering a nuclear deal with Tehran is just the latest sign of an emerging diplomatic power.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu reached far when praising the nuclear deal that Turkey helped broker with Iran on Monday.

Turkey chides US in Iran row, urges support for swap deal

from Yahoo news
Turkey insisted Thursday that rejecting a nuclear swap deal with Iran would be unreasonable and said that a US push for fresh sanctions on Tehran was creating an “absurd situation.”

Turkey Takes an Ambitious New Path

from Yahoo news
Ankara mightily irritated the big powers last week by brokering a uranium exchange deal with Iran. Its new foreign policy is resulting in a more independent Turkey.

A brief history: döner kebab, fair ambassador to Turkey?

from cafebabel.com by Suna Ekmekcioglu

One of the most popular late night snacks in Europe is the flag bearer of Turkish cuisine outside of Turkey. Is this a source of pride or sorrow for the Turks? Plus, a recipe for green beans in olive oil

Turkish PM stresses ties with Brazil on unprecedented visit

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Wednesday talked up budding ties between Brazil ? notably their diplomatic cooperation over Iran’s nuclear program ? as he made an unprecedented visit to the South American nation.

Succesful Turkish mediation puts Bosnia back on agenda

by acturca

Turkey Uses Open Door Policy To Engage Iran

from Yahoo news
American ally Turkey has good relations with Iran. Earlier this month Turkey offered to take possession of about half of Iran’s lightly enriched uranium so it could not be converted to nuclear weapons. This irked the U.S. which saw it as a ploy to forestall tighter sanctions against Iran. More than a million Iranians travel to Turkey each year, and Turkey welcomes the visitors.

Turkey takes an ambitious new path

by acturca

International Herald Tribune, May 27, 2010, p. 2

By Judy Dempsey

Ankara mightily irritated the big powers last week by brokering a uranium exchange deal with Iran.

The United States was not pleased that Turkey, with support from Brazil, bypassed the United Nations. There was nothing in the deal about Iran suspending its uranium enrichment program ? the most disputed issue between Iran and the United States. Washington suspects that Iran is pursuing the enrichment program to produce nuclear weapons.

Turquie: une diplomatie ambitieuse et hyper-active pour peser sur la scène mondiale

by acturca

Agence France Presse, 27 mai 2010

Michel Sailhan

La Turquie poursuit une diplomatie ambitieuse et hyper-active, de l?Iran à l?Amérique latine, avec l?espoir de hisser son influence politique internationale au niveau de son développement économique.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan effectue cette semaine une visite au Brésil, la première jamais effectuée par un Premier ministre turc, avant de se rendre en Argentine et au Chili.

Erdogan à la conquête du Nouveau Monde

by acturca

Le Figaro (France), 25 mai 2010, p. 8

Laure Marchand, Istanbul

Le premier ministre turc part en tournée en Amérique latine pour renforcer ses alliances et gagner un siège permanent à l?ONU.

Les ambitions turques ne se limitent pas au Moyen-Orient. Elles se déploient sur des terres longtemps ignorées par Ankara. Le premier ministre Recep Tayyip Erdogan s?envole aujourd?hui vers le Brésil, première étape d?une tournée de huit jours en Amérique latine qui le conduira ensuite en Argentine et au Chili. À Brasilia, il retrouvera le président Lula, qu?il avait quitté à Téhéran la semaine dernière. Le nucléaire iranien sera au coeur de leurs discussions : les deux artisans de l?accord d?échange de combustible nucléaire conclu avec l?Iran devraient discuter d?une stratégie commune pour tenter de convaincre les États-Unis de retarder l?adoption de sanctions par le Conseil de sécurité de l?ONU contre la République islamique. L?objectif de la visite du chef du gouvernement turc dépasse cependant le dossier iranien car le tandem turco-brésilien a des visées plus vastes.

Turkey and Armenia: Locked up but not a deadlock

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The rapprochement process between Turkey and Armenia should continue while disregarding the matters of Nagorno-Karabakh and the ?genocide? debate, according to a report prepared by institutions from both sides of the border. Freezing the signatures of the Zurich protocols is positive compared to revoking them, experts say.

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