Conquering Istanbul, again and again

Today is the anniversary of Istanbul’s conquest by Ottomans. Istanbul municipality has been organizing ceremonies for a while. Every year new elements are added to the spectacularity of the event but there is always a kitschy mood. More photos of this year’s celebrations are here.

more Istanbul news follow:

Marginal Revolution: Food in Istanbul
By Tyler Cowen
My favorite small Istanbul restaurants have been the soup houses, especially the tripe soup (NB: you don’t have to like most tripe dishes to enjoy these creations). You ladle in some liquid garlic sauce, paprika, a bit of chili pepper

One-day music festival in Istanbul

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Turkey?s newest music festival, organized by Miller, will be held this Saturday at Istanbul?s Küçükçiftlik Park.

Turkish shopkeeper saves falling toddler

from Wikinews

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A map showing  the location of Turkey

A four-year-old Istanbul toddler was saved from serious injury by a quick-thinking shopkeeper, who caught the boy as he fell the thirteen feet from the floor above. CCTV security cameras caught images of both the child riding on the outside of the escalator and Ali Apari’s sure-handed catch.

Shopkeeper saves boy in Istanbul mall video
Washington Post
“Caught on Tape”: A four-year old boy waiting for his father at an Istanbul shopping mall escaped injury or worse after he climbed to the top of an

Memories of Istanbul
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
One of those destinations is Istanbul. I first visited Istanbul in the 1970s. Some of my earliest — and most vivid — memories of that trip are of the

Turkey’s Divisions, on Display in Istanbul’s Museums
New York Times
In the country’s largest city, Istanbul, the extremes of Turkish society live side by side. As Edward Rothstein found on a recent visit, the city’s grea

Q&A: Seven Days Enough for Exploring Istanbul?

New York Times (blog)

By RUSHA HALJUCI Before heading to Lugano, Switzerland, for the summer, I would love to visit Istanbul. Do you think seven days would be enough time to ge

‘Like all true lovers, I love and hate İstanbul
Sunday’s Zaman
Theron Patterson instantly fell in love with İstanbul when he visited as a tourist 12 years ago. After spending a short time away he decided to return and

Robots in Disguise hit Istanbul for the first time

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The British electro-punk band Robots in Disguise, a favorite on Berlin’s eclectic underground scene, will take the stage in Istanbul for the first time today.

Cerrahpaşa a forgotten corner of old İstanbul
Sunday’s Zaman
In a city the size of İstanbul it’s hardly surprising that people can live here for decades and still not have visited every part of it.

Exhibit | From Byzantion to Istanbul: 8000 Years of A Capital
GlobalPost (blog)
To celebrate the selection of Istanbul as the European Capital of Culture for 2010, Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM) is hosting an exhibition

Istanbul Beset by Bugging Scare amid Privacy Fears
A street vendor in Istanbul’s Tahtakale bazaar district sells listening and surveillance devices. In recent months, sales have shot up for cheap

İstanbul’s official population expected to exceed 15 million in 2023
Today’s Zaman
İstanbul, where nearly one-fifth of Turkey’s population resides, is expected to be home to more than 15 million residents by 2023 as other major cities such

International Somalia Conference starts in Istanbul
The Somalia Conference organised within the scope of the Djibouti Peace Process under the auspices of UN will begin Friday in Istanbul.

Can Atilla recounts the story of İstanbul with ‘Golden Age’
Today’s Zaman
The prolific symphonic new-age musician whose name has become synonymous with the historic image of İstanbul has this week released his newest album ?Altın

Istanbul: Renger van der Zande preview
Even though Renger has never driven at Istanbul Park before, he is no stranger to winning on his first trip to tracks in the UK and Europe

Of hammams, concubines and eunuchs in Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace
By Ranjana Narayan
ISTANBUL – They were powerful sultans of Turkey and held sway over vast lands in Europe, Asia and northern Africa, but when it came to bathing in the hammams with their numerous wives, the emperors locked themselves up inside a

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