American Anthropological Association denounces the New Arizona Immigration Law!

[What is Arizona Senate Bill 1070?]

AAA Challenges New Arizona Immigration Law

from American Anthropological Association by damondozier

In a strongly-worded resolution passed by its Executive Board on May 22, 2010, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) condemned the enactment of a new law in Arizona that would allow law enforcement to investigate an individual?s immigration status even if the person in question is not suspected of committing a crime.

No more conferences in Arizona: Anthropologists condemn Immigration Law

from – anthropology in the news blog by Lorenz

Even (seemingly?) rather conservative organisations are able to act and protest: In an official resolution, passed on Saturday, The American Anthropological Association has condemned the new immigration law in Arizona.

The association will refuse to hold scholarly conferences in Arizona until the law is ?either repealed or struck down as constitutionally invalid?, as we read in the AAA blog:

House Armed Services Committee Halts Funding for HTS Program

from American Anthropological Association by damondozier

The House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services,  in its recently drafted authorization bill, issued a stinging rebuke of the Department of Defense?s Human Terrain System (HTS) program, withholding funding until ?the Army submits a required assessment of the program, provides revalidation of all existing operations requirements, and certifies Department?level guidelines for the use of social scientists.? Last year, both the House and Senate asked for an independent review of the HTS program by March 1 of this year.

Gun Running, Drugs, and Flamenco: U.S. Army Human Terrain System Has it All

from OPEN ANTHROPOLOGY by John Stanton

Reader?s Note: Due to the gravity of the allegations/information below, I immediately submitted the information provided by sources to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI was mentioned in the information provided and so it was entirely appropriate to contact/inform them of these allegations.

?Confirmed,? said sources.

A member of the US Army (TRADOC) management team in Afghanistan, according to sources, is a ?gun runner.? That individual is allegedly listed in an ?FBI database? and has ?ties to Wali Karzai and the drug business.?

In other developments:

Rima Fakih, first Arab Miss USA, may be in trouble for pole dancing photos

from Boing Boing by Lisa Katayama
Rima Fakih became the first Arab-American Miss USA on Sunday, which is awesome. Less awesome: the Miss Universe people are apparently investigating photos from a Michigan radio station of the 24-year old pole dancing in a 2007 contest. It would be a shame if they revoke her crown because of this; let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

How the U.S. Engages the World with Social Media

from Mashable! by Greg Ferenstein

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