hell yeah, Erkan is now officially an assistant professor

Erkan hangs out with a group of lovely 2nd year students.

My dear readers, you know how I have had some sad days recently. In a fast turn of events, my dean Prof. Nezih Erdoğan got personally concerned with my appointment and thanks to his support and then our Rector’s (Prof. Halil Güven) interest and immediate approval, I was appointed as an Assist. Prof. yesterday! My incorporation back to Bilgi life is now complete (!) During last weeks, I was approached to act as an advisor to Bilgi U’s social media campaigns, I have renewed my bonds with many colleagues including Prof. Erdoğan and had time to think about my relation to Bilgi. Now I am back, I am settled more than ever and can continue my life whose boundaries I have constructed with much labor and goodwill. Finally, I would like to thank my colleague and friend Gökçe Dervişoğlu who had offered great support during this process. I wish there was no fuss about my appointment but I guess this is the Turkish way of doing things (!) A little bit of fuss is good for all of us.

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    1. thanks Ralf, my greetings from Istanbul. You are one of the stars of Euroblogging! keep up the good work.

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