Prof. Mumford at Bilgi U.

A football lover himself, Prof. Stephen Mumford will have a lecture at Bilgi University.

He will focus on Zidane’s headbutt at Materazzi in his talk entitled as “Should Athletes be Role Models? as part of Prof. Erhart’s course “Sports and Media”

Sport is sometimes thought to play a morally educative role, teaching us virtues and turning us away from vice. But how does it do this? One proposal is that sportsmen and women can stand as role models, which we can then seek to emulate. But this gives them a huge responsibility to have exemplary behaviour in both their public and private lives. I argue both that this is unfair to the athlete and also that it would be, in any case, a flawed way of achieving moral education. We should admire the virtues directly rather than individuals who may exhibit the virtues, if for no other reason that that the same individual can have both virtue and vice.

12 April 2010
at 16.00
Santral Kampüs E-4, 305

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