Formula of AKP’s success

Any suggestions and comments are of course welcome. Here is a formula (!):

Having one strong, charismatic leader (RTE),
who had proved his administrative capacity as a mayor of Istanbul,
who is surrounded by credible advisors (whom he listens to whenever he cares),
who is surrounded by loyal, low profile and but politics savvy cabinet members (who are not necessarily good at their particular ministerial work),
which rides on the wave of rising social movements and economic forces (ie. Islamist) that form a temporally political alliance (Islamic groups that normally do not like each other acting together for the moment),
which has virtually no alternatives in terms of institutional politics (MHP and CHP relying on reactionary votes, and politics only)
which has virtually no alternatives in terms of ideological grounds (Kemalism relies on reactionaryms, left is dead, right is dead, radical politics dead, new social movements do not have critical mass and coherent ideological formation)
which locates itself onto a fine balance of internetional politics…

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