Burqa bans will certainly help European identity crises resolved (!)

The Burqa Is On The European hit list

from Turkish Digest by A-News

The burqa, a garment completely covering the female body and face, is worn in some Islamic traditions. The question whether such clothing should be forbidden in public places has been the subject of debate in many European countries lately. In the continent?s major countries, a majority supports a ban, a survey by the Financial Times (FT) showed last month. Europe falls in press freedom rankings

from cafebabel.com by James Friscia

If the old continent believes it still represents the paradigm of press freedom, then it is in for a rude awakening: in the worldwide rankings of freedom of the press published by Reporters Without Borders, many European nations are in a state of free fall. Yet a defence organises for what Kant called ‘freedom of the pen’

Europe’s Manufacturing Bonanza – By Parmy Olson

from EU-DIGEST by A-News

The world’s developed nations have been lagging behind emerging markets in their economic recoveries, but new data on Thursday gave an encouraging sign that even the likes of troubled economies like Japan, the euro zone and U.K. were on a clear path to revival.

EU’s top health official to run ‘digital agenda’

from EurActiv.com by Gary

The most senior official in the European Commission’s health directorate will take charge of the new ‘Digital Agenda’ portfolio as part of a shakeup of top-ranking Brussels bureaucrats.

MAIN FOCUS: Berlusconi triumphs over weak opposition | 31/03/2010

from euro|topics

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right alliance has emerged as victor of the regional elections in Italy, gaining control of four regions held by the left-wing camp. Voters are drawn to Berlusconi’s alliance not only because of its populism but also owing to the glaring weaknesses of the opposition, writes the European press.

Stars and Dragons: The EU and China
Source: House of Lords European Union Committee
From Summary:

China and Europe are two of the world?s most ancient civilisations. They will be two of the most important international actors shaping the 21st century.

Of the world population of 6.7 billion people, China accounts for 1.3 billion and the EU 0.5 billion. With India (1.1 billion) and the United States (0.3 billion) the four entities account for just under half of all mankind.

As Europe Dithers

from Newsweek International Editions – Top News

Not since the 1930s have international politics been in such flux. Rising states such as China, India, Turkey, and Brazil, as well as a newly assertive Russia, are challenging the old democracies as never before. But rather than use its growing Union to assert itself, Europe has failed to convert the EU into a serious foreign-policy player?and looks increasingly irrelevant.

Britain, the Conservative Party, David Cameron and the EU

from Nosemonkey’s EUtopia by nosemonkey

If you want to understand Britain?s rather odd relationship with the EU, you could do far worse than read this really rather good overview in this week?s Economist, especially considering its focus on the Conservative party ? likely to form the next British government in a little over six weeks? time.

Britain’s reputation being damaged point by point, Valérie Hartwich

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Valérie Hartwich

In today’s Financial Times, David Turner reports that the director-general of science and research at the Department of Business, Adrian Smith,  has “accused the Home Office’s visa system of preventing ‘high-calibre’ overseas students from coming to study at British universities”. While Prime Minister told the FT that education “will be perhaps our biggest export in 20 years’ time” (because they are paying us to be educated here) one of the most senior officials concerned has slammed the Points Based Immigration System (PBIS) introduced in February 2008.

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