iPad roundup

Still happy with my Sony Reader but I know iPad rocks…

iPad Accessories: A Quick Guide to Apple?s Official Add-Ons

from Mashable! by Amy-Mae Elliott

the iPad is more a re-invention of the book than the computer

from if:book

As readers of if:book know, i’ve often referred to books as the principal vehicle humans have used to move ideas around time and space. Thanks in large part to the internet, over the past fifteen years that function is increasingly being supplanted by the internet/computer/screen combo.

Why I won’t buy an iPad (and think you shouldn’t, either)

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

I’ve spent ten years now on Boing Boing, finding cool things that people have done and made and writing about them. Most of the really exciting stuff hasn’t come from big corporations with enormous budgets, it’s come from experimentalist amateurs. These people were able to make stuff and put it in the public’s eye and even sell it without having to submit to the whims of a single company that had declared itself gatekeeper for your phone and other personal technology.

The iPad’s out of the box: A first look

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Alexandra Jaffe

iPadboxjustopened.jpgWith the much-anticipated U.S. launch of the iPad coming this Saturday, media executives everywhere are waiting with bated breath for the verdict: Will the iPad save news media? No one’s sure yet, but tech columnists across the web who managed to get their hands on advance releases of Apple‘s tablet computer gave generally gushing reviews of the innovative product, ensuring that consumers will be lining up on Saturday to snap up the small stock of iPads delivered to Apple stores and Best Buy.

Magazines Require Innovation, Experiments in Digital and Print

from MediaShift

Some magazine fans may feel like their favorite publications are dissolving into fragments of their former selves: fractured content distributed throughout the web, social media, digital editions and the surviving print versions.

But something unique to magazines does still hold at the center, and a new report on the future of magazines suggests that the future for both print and digital magazines will be strong.

iPad and iBooks Will Eventually Kill the Kindle

from Daily Bits by Arnold Zafra

10 Insanely Great iPad Apps We Can?t Wait to Use

from Mashable! by Christina Warren

4-Minute Roundup: All Hail the iPad (Except Curmudgeons)

from MediaShift

Why The iPad Is A Hit (And Why I Won’t Buy One Yet)

from MediaShift

Even before any consumers had received Apple’s iPad, it was being proclaimed a hit. I didn’t find that surprising, because from the beginning there were signs this day was coming. Here are a few:

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