A European Commission report on equality between women and men 2010

Report on equality between women and men 2010
Source: European Commission Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

From Main Developments:
Combating persisting gender inequalities in all spheres of society is a longer-term challenge, since it entails structural and behavioural changes and a redefinition of the roles of women and men. Progress is slow, and gender gaps persist as regards employment rates, pay, working hours, positions of responsibility, share of care and household duties, and risk of poverty.


Dutch reject retired U.S. general’s claim that having gay soldiers led to Srebrenica massacre

from Wash Post Europe by Henry Chu

LONDON — Top Dutch officials ditched their usual diplomacy Friday in an angry reaction to suggestions by a retired U.S. Marine Corps general that allowing openly gay troops to serve in their military was partly to blame for Europe’s worst massacre since World War II.

Olli Rehn interview makes big news in Germany

Germans oppose Greek aid, poll shows

from FT.com – World, Europe
Fierce German resistance to helping crisis-hit Greece has emerged in a Financial Times opinion poll that strengthens the hand of Angela Merkel, the Chancellor, hand before a possible European showdown this week over financial aid for Athens

Pillars of Sarkozy’s success are starting to crumble

from FT.com – World, Europe
When France’s right-of-centre government was humiliated in regional elections in 2004, an ambitious young minister called for heads to roll. Now he’s prime minister and facing a similar humiliation

COSI – A new important Council body on EU internal security

Germany’s second chamber: Europe 2020 timetable violates Lisbon Treaty

by Julien Frisch

In a freshly published press release the European Chamber of the German Bundesrat has criticised the timetable of the Europe 2020 process foreseeing a decision at the European Council on 25-26 March 2010 as violating the rights of national legislatures under the Lisbon Treaty. It also dismisses parts of the 2020 strategy as violating the Treaty.

Europe 2020 – Partial delay after Bundesrat complaint

by Julien Frisch

After Germany’s second chamber, the Bundesrat, complained on Tuesday that the schedule for the Europe 2020 strategy was against the Lisbon Treaty rules, European Council President van Rompuy now has postponed parts of the decision.

Lisbon wars – The Council fights back

by Julien Frisch

One Wednesday, you humble blogger reported about the letter from the European Parliament’s international trade committee to the Council demanding more involvement in international trade matters. In the draft reply from the Council you can see that the other side is fighting back.

Note of discord in Europe’s position on Athens

from FT.com – World, Europe
The German intervention in favour of an IMF role in supporting Greece by no means closes the debate, say analysts, with opposition in Brussels still vocal

Why We Don?t Want To Have The ?Instruments of Torture? Used in Spain

from A Fistful Of Euros » A Fistful Of Euros by Edward Hugh

We may not want the instruments of torture, but if the Spanish government doesn?t do something to change course and restore growth to the economy, they will be applied. This post is just to draw the attention of anyone who might be interested to my new blog on the Spanish newspaper Expansión (in Spanish). The latest post is about why it would be better for Spain?s political parties to get together and take the decisions themselves, rather than wait for the European Monetary Fund to wheel out Herr Schäuble?s ?Instruments of Torture?.

The European Council on the web

by Julien Frisch

I was looking for the agenda of the next European Council when I wrote this post yesterday, which brought me to the website of the European Council for the first time – and I like it.

Greece should go to the IMF

from Federal Union by Richard Laming

The economic crisis in Europe is falling most severely in Greece at the moment. The Greek government has a ruinously high deficit this year, at 12.7 per cent of GDP, and starts from a precariously high accumulated public debt, of more than 100 per cent of GDP. This blog has observed before that you can?t buck the market, as the government of Greece is learning the hard way.

Barroso backs EU package to bail out Greece

from FT.com – World, Europe
José Manuel Barroso, the European Commission president, urged European Union governments yesterday to reach an explicit agreement next week on a financial standby…

MAIN FOCUS: Merkel wants possibility of excluding members from Eurozone | 18/03/2010

from euro|topics

German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed on Wednesday that it should be possible to expel crisis-ridden member states from the Eurozone as a last resort. That would mean the end of the idea of Europe, writes the press.

Do Brussels reporters live in a fantasy land?

by Julien Frisch

Leigh Philips of the EUobserver has continued the story on the declining number of correspondents in Brussels, revealing a significant loss of reality of the journalists.

“[T]he reporters considered calling on the institutions to make press releases available only to accredited Brussels journalists. Some in the room objected to the restrictions on access to information this would entail and the association ultimately voted to just request a wider use of the ’embargo’ system, in which information is delivered to a journalist with enough time to prepare a story ahead of a document’s full public release.

Journalist demanding information that are meant for the public exclusively or ahead of time is just ridiculous.

MAIN FOCUS: Middle East violence menaces Europe | 19/03/2010

from euro|topics

The peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine are grinding to a halt, while missile attacks from the Gaza Strip, Israeli air strikes and the announced construction of new settlements in East Jerusalem have done much to poison the atmosphere. The maelstrom of violence will engender more terror and thus threaten Europe, commentators write.

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