Cartoonists DRAW for children who are in prison due to Law on Struggle Against Terrorism in Turkey

All the world?s cartoonists DRAW for children


I have received 62 cartoons from 22 cartoonists so far for the project to support children victimised by Law on Struggle Against Terrorism. The event is still on?

by Cem Koç
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Kavaf and Homophobia

Minister of Women and family Selma Aliye Kavaf
PHOTO from Hurriyet

Minister of Family and Women Selma Aliye Kavaf’s recent interview with Hurriyet (in Turkish) will do little to counter homophonia in Turkey. In the intervew, Kavfaf said she believes “homosexuality is a biological disorder, an illness. For me, it is something to be cured/treated. Therefore, I do not have a positive stand for the same-sex relationships.” In recent months, members of the LBGT community have fallen victim to an increasing number of hate crimes.

Edoğan’s ‘Warning’ to Columnists Creates a Growing Stir

from Bianet :: English
DSP MP Süleyman Yağız addressed Prime Minister Erdoğan with a letter of inquiry. The Prime Minister’s ‘warning’ towards columnists caused strong reactions among journalists. Yağız asked Erdoğan critical questions about his statement and his attitude on press freedom.

War of Cartoons

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

A Turkish court fined British artist Michael Dickinson [1] a sum equal to $ 4,500 for a cartoon of Turkey?s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan but postponed the payment for 5 years if he doesn?t repeat his ?crime?. The cartoon was published back in September 2006 and shows Erdogan as a dog on a lead made of a US flag, chewing a pack of dollars and wearing a vest with ?We won?t be Bush?s dogs? written on it.

Hope renewed for bill on stone-throwing children in Turkey – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

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