An “uneventful” week for Erkan

Playing chess with my students. Yes, I won:)

Since I came back from the service, I have been meaning to have some peace of mind but unfortunately life is not fair, which I had learnt several times before, and things do not flow as smoothly as I hoped for.
During the last month,
1) I left my roommate, Can, with whom I had great plans to achieve, and went back to live with Family temporarily. Our apartment was too small to handle our socializations. So I left it with Can. My parents’ ever existing plans to buy an apartment for me continue but I guess I will rent an apartment at the beginning of summer and live there for a longer while…
2) The girl I have been flirting for three months or so rejected me in the end. This seriously broke my heart and made believe for sure I am a failure in some aspects of life (!)
3) I got arrested when before I took of to Brussels. (Still to calculate the financial cost by the way)
4) I learnt that my appointment as an Assistant Professor is postponed to some indefinite time. That was the last part of a chain of uncomfortable things happening to me. I cooled off during last week but I seriously lost my appetite to work at Bilgi where I was happy and proud to be before.
So I was expecting another bad thing to happen but it looks like I had an uneventful week, mostly spent in beings lost in thoughts.

Still I am an hopeful person and I know what I have. I could have a long list of goodies in life I have. Still thankful to God for I have and looking forward to overcoming recent troubles…

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