“Anthropology Professor’s Book Inspires Oscar-Nominated Film/ A review essay on Anthropology blogging

Anthropology Professor’s Book Inspires Oscar-Nominated Film
Harvard Crimson
Harvard Associate Professor of Anthropology Kimberly Theidon had no idea that her 2004 book of essays, ?Entre Prójimos,? inspired the Oscar-nominated

Review Essay: Blogging Anthropology: Savage Minds, Zero Anthropology, and AAA Blogs

AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST, Vol. 112, Issue 1, pp. 140?148, ISSN 0002-7294 online ISSN 1548-1433. c2010 by the American Anthropological Association. All rights reserved. DOI: 10.1111/j.1548-1433.2009.01203.x

Identifying the dead in Haiti — an anthropologist’s story
Baltimore Sun (blog)
But I was really impressed by Kollmann’s deep knowledge of all things anthropological. The deployment is the culmination of her two decades of expertise

Savage Minds in American Anthropologist

from Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology ? A Group Blog by Rex

Today I woke up to the usual quarterly flow of new journal alerts into my inbox and was surprised ? delighted, really ? to see a very complimentary article in the latest American Anthropologist on Savage Minds, Zero Anthropology, and the AAA blog. In another proof of its incredible capacity to do the work of our association, AnthroSource has the article behind a paywall while Wiley-Blackwell has it available for everyone to read (here is the abstract and you can download the PDF here sorry here is the actual link). GG AAA.

Anthropologists Comment on Disaster Relief in Haiti

from American Anthropological Association by Dinah

Yesterday?s Baltimore Sun featured the article ?Towson Professor to Leave for Haiti to Identify US Remains,? profiling forensic anthropologist Dana Kollmann, whose previous work includes investigations of Baltimore County crime scenes and mass graves in the former Yugoslavia. Kollmann has traveled to Haiti to identify the remains of American earthquake victims there as a member of a Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT).

CM gets a mention in American Anthropologist

from Culture Matters by Jovan Maud

As evidence of the growing recognition of blogging as an important medium for scholarly exchange, American Anthropologist has published a review article (PDF) about anthropology blogging by David Price.  Okay, the article is primarily about Savage Minds, Zero Anthropology and the triple-A?s own blog, but I was more than chuffed to see Culture Matters also got a mention when Price referred to the ?high scholarship shown in detailed and thoughtful postings and exchanges by scholars?. It?s very nice indeed to be mentioned in the same breath as Savage Minds, which is after all the blog we?d like to be when we grow up.

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