Rakı industry strikes back, Rakı viral ads in the net

Since advertising of alcoholic beverages are very limited, more video ads are circulating thru social media. Here is the latest one:

older ones had hit the TV channels though but now available in social media.

Older Yeni Rakı ad, Hayata Yeniden Bak:

Oh boy this really captures the mood:)

This had been watched extensively both in TV and in Youtube

Here is a video that describes Rakı meal manners in slides. Probably another Yeni Rakı work.

Fasıl Rakı:

Yeni Rakı:

History of Rakı:

Yet another Yeni Rakı ad:

Ata Rakı:

Beylerbeyi rakı:

Efe Rakı:

Yeni Rakı US ad:

Please go ahead and recommend other related videos…

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