In the heart of coup preparation center

An investigation in Special Forces headquarters continues more than 24 hours. It is called the “Cosmic Room”, military’s top secrets are kept. Even copying is not permitted so the Judge takes notes about documents found there….

President of the Turkish parliament and vice prime minster Bulent ...

President of the Turkish parliament and vice prime minster Bulent Arinc, seen here on the right in 2007. Eight soldiers have been questioned over a presumed plot against Turkey’s vice prime minister, the army has said on its website. (AFP/File/Str)

Arınç assassination plot can no longer be covered up

Just as there were heated debates in Turkey about an assassination plot against Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, which was discovered with the detention of two military officers around Arınç?s house last weekend, police teams searched the offices of the two officers over the weekend, and eight soldiers were detained in the same investigation.

?Army of shadows?

The title is borrowed from the masterpiece of French cinema?s great master, Jean-Pierre Melville, although the content differs somewhat radically from what has been taking place in Ankara these days.

Soldiers quizzed over ‘plot’ to kill Turkey vice PM (AFP via Yahoo! News)

Eight soldiers have been questioned over a presumed plot against Turkey’s vice prime minister, the army said on its website on Saturday.

Series of suspicious military suicides remain a mystery
Sunday’s Zaman
The lieutenant colonel’s alleged suicide was found to be suspicious, particularly due to his suspected links to Ergenekon, a clandestine network accused of

2010: A tough year for the AK Party, Turkey

Unfortunately, the hopes for a complete transformation to democracy are slowly fading away.

Don?t waste your time, you can?t keep us quiet!


Three important weekday developments: 1 — Star daily Ankara representative Şamil Tayyar was given a prison sentence over his book on Ergenekon. 2 — Mehmet Baransu, who made press history with his news pieces in the Taraf daily, was taken to court after an arrest warrant was issued.

Does the democratic initiative undermine the Ergenekon process? by AHMET TURAN AYHAN

Turkey is trying to make sense of why an initiative the government — which has been working ?sincerely? to improve things with respect to a number of issues in the country — launched and described as a ?state project? is being depreciated by another organ of the state.

Sezgin says gov’t and BDP should have dialogue to solve Kurdish problem

Writer Enver Sezgin has said with the closure of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP), the Kurdish initiative entered a new phase which carries uncertainties with it, especially if the sides of the conflict do not position themselves well.

Baydemir?s unmeasured reaction

Many people, including nine former and current mayors, have been detained as part of an investigation conducted in 11 provinces by the Diyarbakır Chief Prosecutor?s Office.

Clarity needed on Arınç assassination plot

A recently uncovered assassination plot against Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has led to a bitter polarization in Turkey. While some took the plot seriously because there is strong evidence of the existence of such a plan, others chose to downplay it and said the allegations had been ?exaggerated.?

BDP may prove worse than DTP

?Given the current state of affairs, it is essential that the party which will replace the Democratic Society Party (DTP) stop being a satellite of the Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK), develop its own personality and be established with greater participation to the highest extent possible and review its discourse, actions, attitudes and behaviors. The deputies of the DTP should be able to keep themselves within Parliament and democracy in their new parties.? (Açık Görüş, Dec. 20).

Legacy cul de sac of the PKK

The [outlawed] Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) has just realized that in its struggle, which it claims it is waging for idealistic goals, it has not been able to win any approval from the Turkish public.

Democratic initiative in 2009 and military reform in 2010

The foul language Diyarbakır Mayor Osman Baydemir used in front of reporters is a good indication of the current status of the democratic initiative. Baydemir is one of the most civilized Kurdish politicians. He is also a gentle politician.

Why Is It So Easy To Insult Atatürk?

from The White Path

[Originally published in Hurriyet Daily News] If you want to see something truly amazing about Turkey these days, take a look at the recent “insulting Atatürk” case opened against Can Dündar. Mr. Dündar is a renowned public intellectual. He writes a column for the daily Milliyet, an established center-left paper, and hosts a TV show on NTV, a centrist news channel. He is a secular democrat and is certainly among the admirers of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the godfather of Turkey’s secularism. Several years ago Dündar had made a documentary about Atatürk named “Sarı Zeybek.” All the Kemalists loved it, for it was a very emotional tribute to the Supreme Leader. The film was presented to students in schools across the country, and Dündar received praise from all over.

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