Peter Watkins

Peter Watkins is a new find for me. The War Game is an excellent docu-drama. This DVD contains both the War Game and Culloden, another stunning take… He has this specific style that gives documentaries a fictional touch.

Other notable movies I have seen recently:

Salaire de la peur, Le (1953)

Fukushû suruwa wareniari (1979)

Body of Lies (2008): It is like a documentary. Intelligence wars in Middle East. Well done…

Zwartboek (2006) Hmm. Please click the titles to see the titles in English..

A cult band, Napalm Death,  is playing in Istanbul tonight. However, I have a date and I am missing it. I hope I have made the right decision:)

“Bathing beach, 1920.” Seven lovelies at the Potomac bathing beach near the Tidal Basin. National Photo Company Collection glass negative. View full size.

found in Seven Up: 1920

Actor slits own throat accidentally in suicide scene

By David Pescovitz

Actor Daniel Hoevels was seriously injured on stage during a suicide scene in Friedrich Schiller’s play Mary Stuart at Vienna’s Burgtheater. The prop knife he used to slit his throat turned out to be real. Police are investigating whether it was an error or something more nefarious. The photo seen here is from a different performance. From The Guardian:

What’s your favourite Bond title sequence?

By Xan Brooks

It is no spoiler to reveal that the new Bond film opens with a Maurice Binder-inspired swirl of ghostly credits and diaphanous, semi-naked figures, played out to a theme tune specifically written and recorded for the occasion. It has, after all, been this way since time immemorial ? or at least since the 007 title sequence was first patented with From Russia With Love.

What do Napalm Death and Mozart have in common?

By Tom Service on Music

News that heavy metal is to receive serious scholarly attention in Salzburg has raised some eyebrows elsewhere in these pages. So is it heretical that the city of Mozart should be putting Metallica and Slayer centre stage?

Not a bit of it. Heavy metal is probably the only other musical discipline that fetishises technical virtuosity as much as classical music: Edward Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen are the Horowitz and Kissin of their genre. There’s as much rhythmic obsessiveness and intricacy in the relentless polyrhythms of Swedish metal maestros Meshuggah as there is in Reich or Ligeti ? with the difference that Meshuggah use the supreme technical sophistication and overpowering volume of their 5-in-the-time-of-4 patterns to serve rather different expressive ends: Terminal Illusions as opposed to Different Trains.

U.S. metal band happy to help torture prisoners

By Joshua Keating on Human Rights

The AP reports on a new campaign by musicians, including Rage Against the Machine and Massive Attack, to ban the practice of using loud heavy metal, hip-hop, and even children’s songs to psychologically break down detainees for interrogation. Apparently, not every band has a problem with the practice, though.

Bassist Steve Benton of Drowning Pool, whose 2001 hit “Bodies” is a particular favorite of interrogators, had this to say:

Musicians against music torture

By David Pescovitz

Musicians and human rights group Reprieve launched a “silent protest” against the use of music for torture and interrogation. For example, the playlists at places like Guantanamo Bay and other US military prisons/bases has included such hot platters as Deicide’s “Fuck Your God” and the theme song from Barney The Purple Dinosaur. Musicians like Trent Reznor want to stop the insanity. From Danger Room:

? Some unusual Bibles


The best selling Bible study text on Amazon right now is Bible Illuminated, a “286-page glossy oversized magazine style” version of the New Testament (look inside here).

A site that bills itself as the #1 Christian Porn Site sells Jesus Loves Porn Stars Bibles.

The Green Bible is also very popular on Amazon.

The Green Bible will equip and encourage people to see God’s vision for creation and help them engage in the work of healing and sustaining it. With over 1,000 references to the earth in the Bible, compared to 490 references to heaven and 530 references to love, the Bible carries a powerful message for the earth.

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