"Turkish army defends response to PKK attack

These white dots in this intelligence photo is a source of controversy. The army officials claim that these are villagers and Taraf daily claims these are PKK guerillas. I just wonder since when villagers in Turkey are able to walk in such an orderly manner. Even our educated citizens cannot organize themselves and I am glad to see that our peasants in that photo are such a self-disciplined folk on their way to work…

Turkish army defends response to PKK attack

In an investigation of the incident, no flaws were found in the Turkish military’s response to the bloody Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, attack on a military post in early October,

Generals’ Cabinet briefing and the Feb. 28 process

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Turkey has entered into yet another vicious cycle in its 24-year fight against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as the PKK has intensified its violent attacks against Turkish targets, while the state is again being sidetracked by an incorrect diagnosis of this decades-old problem.

Hundreds pages long indictment will be read

Despite contradictory demands from suspects, prosecutors began reading the complete 2,455- page indictment in the Ergenekon case yesterday, even as lawyers of some defendants objected on

Discussion of Court’s Headscarf Ban

By Jenny White on Turkish Constitutional Court on headscarf law

See this site for a legal discussion by one of TUrkey’s most renowned Constitutional scholars of the Turkish Constitutional Court’s recently published justification for its decision on June 5, 2008 to cancel law #5735, which would have amended several articles of the Constitution and allowed female students to attend university while wearing headscarves….

Güzel: Turkey has two legislative, two executive bodies

By ERCAN YAVUZ on Interviews

Hasan Celal Güzel, a well-known ex-politician who is now a journalist, claims there are two legislative and two executive branches in Turkey, adding that the case against Ergenekon — a crime network with links to the state, including the military — is not being conducted properly.

The Ergenekon trial and the security of Turkey by BEKİR ÇINAR

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When Ergenekon was established, its aims and objectives were different. Since its establishment, because of the nature of the Turkish people, this organization has shifted from its original intent and aims toward its members’ desires and interests.

The Apo question by EMRE USLU & ÖNDER AYTAÇ

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We do not know whether there is another country where you can see every stage of the emergence of a political leader. No, we are not talking about Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is a political leader who emerged out of the dust the Kemalists wanted him to be buried in.

Law or arithmetics?

I have written on countless occasions that I do not approve of the closing down of any political party or movement unless it has been directly involved in violence. However, every political movement that has attempted to utter something different from the official ideology has unfortunately faced the risk of being shut down, irrespective of their ideological school.

Eradicate ‘Ergenekon,’ consolidate democracy

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The trial against the "Ergenekon" gang, involving retired and current military officers, journalists, lawyers, academics, members of the mafia and others accused of creating chaos in the country through bombings and killings to pave the ground for an ultranationalist military coup, began last week.

Hıgh Court’s secularism threatens democracy

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In Turkey the notion of secularism is used to disable democracy, which redistributes power and resources, a redistribution that does not privilege the Kemalist elite at the center, instead benefiting the conservative/democratic masses at the periphery.

Court sparks yet another debate with reasoned decision on AK Party closure case

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The Constitutional Court, which drew strong criticism for encroaching on Parliament’s authority following its recent announcement of its reasoned decision regarding a law that would have ended a long-standing ban on headscarves at universities, sparked another debate last Thursday when it announced the reasoning of its ruling to not close down the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

Solution lies in democratic, civilian Constitution, but…

By MİLLİYET, HASAN CEMAL on Turkish Press Review

Democratization. This is not an abstract issue; this is not a fantasy, either. If we really want peace and welfare in this country and if we support building the permanent foundations of political stability, then we have to realize democratization. What about timing?

Turkish court continues hearings in Ergenekon case on Monday
Hürriyet, Turkey

The Ergenekon trial and the security of Turkey
Today’s Zaman, Turkey

Four more suspects detained in Ergenekon probe
Today’s Zaman, Turkey

Turkish court to read Ergenekon indictment, process to lengthen

Turkey’s Deep State: Ergenekon and the Threat to Democratisation

Trial of Turkey’s 86 alleged Ergenekon coup plotters delayed
Earthtimes (press release), UK

Ergenekon court wastes time reading indictment
Today’s Zaman, Turkey

A trial of strength with Ergenekon
guardian.co.uk, UK

AKP’s nightmare: Kurtulmuş


A unique judicial system


Numan Kurtulmuş and the National View


The AKP-DTP fray

Visits to the southeastern cities of Diyarbakır and Tunceli by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have

Top commanders at Cabinet meeting

For the first time in the Republican history of the country, Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ and other top commanders will be attending the Cabinet meeting today. Under certain conditions the president can chair Cabinet meetings. When the president chairs Cabinet meetings, the Cabinet is empowered to take some very important decisions, such as declaration of martial law or emergency rule for a certain period (parliamentary approval is still required). But how top commanders participate in a Cabinet meeting is not regulated anywhere. This is a very extraordinary situation because nowhere in the Turkish Constitution or laws there is a clause defining under what conditions the top

Roadmap drawn by the Constitutional Court


Did you say conspiracy theory?

Murat Yetkin

Is freedom against secularism?

It’s not easy to live in a country where the topics of discussion and discourses about these topics are always same. The reasoning of the Constitutional

If you yield to guardianship once

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Last week, the Constitutional Court announced a very controversial reasoning behind a recent decision. It was controversial since it could not be accepted by the public conscience, and it violated legal principles.

A critical time

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There are currently two items on Turkey’s agenda: the Ergenekon case, which deals with illegal formations within the state and their illegal social and political actions, and the upcoming local elections, scheduled for March 2009.

Involving the DTP in the Kurdish solution

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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s recent visits to the southeastern province of Diyarbakır and the eastern province of Tunceli last week showed his determination to defeat the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) in the upcoming local elections in a bid to end terrorism in the region and settle the Kurdish problem.

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