The Republic is at 85

Hürriyet celebretes the 85th year with typical Republican iconography…

Gov’t, NGOs to discuss National Program

Nongovernmental organizations will today present their criticisms of the recently approved National Program, a blueprint detailing Turkey’s short- and long-term commitments to the European Union.

Conservative Friends of Turkey founded in UK

The Conservative Friends of Turkey, under the auspices of the British Conservative Party, will have its official inauguration on Oct. 28 in a London

Turkey’s Frankfurt performance disappoints journalists and artists

Turkey appearance as guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair has been widely regarded as a failure. The country’s performance was poorer than expected given Turkish Culture Minister

‘EU an anchor for Turkey’

EU membership will be in Turkey’s interest but the country is not obsessed with it, State Minister Mehmet Şimşek told

Euro Web site celebrates first year in Turkey

A independent Web site dedicated to European Union affairs has filled a gap in communication between Turkey and the EU, according to the founder of the site’s Turkish is

Turkey and the EU: slowly but surely


More ‘original’ foreign policy


Rising Islamophobia, changing perceptions

When discussing the problems of immigrants in Germany, the Turks are often first to come to mind. “Turkish immigrants are always left to pay the price. This is not a constructive approach,” said

Common Values and Common Interests? The Bush Legacy in US-Turkish Relations

Mark R. Parris

Insight Turkey, Vol. 10, No. 3, 2008, pp. 5-14

American and Turkish leaders typically describe ties between the U.S. and Turkey as based on “common values and interests.” Yet given that the Bush administration’s relationship with Turkey has been marked by dysfunction and crisis, is that still true? A tendency to see Turkey as a function of Washington’s big idea of the moment, insensitivity to a broadening perception in Turkey of U.S. disregard for Turkish interests, inaction in the face of PKK terror, weak leadership on energy security, and schizophrenia toward Turkey’s internal politics have left U.S.–Turkish relations worse than when George W. Bush came to office.

Hope on Cyprus reunification prospects remains guarded (

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