"The internet is changing our brains

The internet is changing our brains

By Jemima Kiss on Technology

More evidence, as if we needed it, that we need to make more of an effort to balance our work and personal lives.

Researchers have found that the brains of ‘digital natives’ are developing to deal more efficiently with searching and filtering large amounts of information, and making quick decisions. On the down side, that behaviour is changing the brain’s neural patterns impairing the social skills of heavy web users (what’s new?) and even triggering an increase in conditions like Attention Deficit Disorder.

"We’re seeing an evolutionary change," said UCLA neuroscientist Gary Small. "The people in the next generation who are really going to have the edge are the ones who master the technological skills and also face-to-face skills……….

Yes, Facebook Has 110 Million Users

By Nick O’Neill on News

If you hadn’t noticed already, Facebook has updated their site statistics to state that the site now has more than 110 million registered users. At one point the company suggested that they were registering over 250,000 members a day and so far it doesn’t look like that’s slowing. While it’s not worthwhile counting every million users Facebook adds, the site is so far the most successful social network in history.

Jennifer Bussell on eGovernment, corruption and governance

By Ethan

For the past decade or so, there’s been a movement to bring computers, telephones and other “information and communication technology” into developing nations to increase economic development and eliminate poverty. Those of us involved with this movement – colloquially called ICT4D (Information and communication technology for development) – have argued that information imbalances underly major problems in economic development. If farmers don’t know fair prices for their commodities in big cities, they’ll sell for too little money. If students can’t access textbooks or other resources, they’re doomed to a poor education.

Social ads in New Europe – Golden Drum winners

Last week I was in the Interactive jury of Golden Drum. Golden Drum is the most important advertising festival in New Europe (countries of Central and Eastern Europe). The festival is growing due to the rapidly growing advertising budgets in New Europe. And because agencies from Western Europe start discovering the fact that some categories of Golden Drum are open to the whole world – Interactive, Media, Advertising Campaigns, Design (TV, Print, Outdoor and Radio are reserved for the agencies from the region). In Interactive and Media, we had the record number of entries this year. Quality of the winning work was high. Let’s look at the not-for-profit and social ads that won on Golden Drum.


Three ads from Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia, an Australia wide national alliance of children’s charities……………. found in Help kids be kids

danah boyd on handheld social networking

"New technology is the devil incarnate. We should go back to the good old days"
"New technology is the panacea we’ve been looking for."

The reality is much more nuanced than that. It’s not about the good or the bad (it’s not about pedagogy vs technology, the unfortunately entitled panel session I’ll be on later).

Campaign: Online activists champion hunger relief

By Talia Whyte on Blog Action Day

Description: The recent financial downturn has had an effect on people throughout the world. However, crashing stock markets in the industrialized world have had a particularly

Iraq veterans speak out online

By Talia Whyte on Iraq War

Description: The Iraq War has become a stinging issue among anti-war activists around the world. The Associated Press reported recently that nearly 4,200 members of the U.S. military have died since the war began in March 2003. An estimated 1 million Iraqis have also died as a result of the conflict, according to survey work conducted by London-based Opinion Research Business. The war’s financial costs to the U.S. also continue to rise, now standing at more than $560 billion. October 11 marked the sixth anniversary of Congress’ authorizing the invasion of Iraq, and anti-war activists see this as an opportunity to galvanize voters during the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

Digital Tools Being Used: Facebook

Why I blog

By Harry Chen on writing

Andrew Sullivan wrote an interesting article on his blogging experience as a professional journalist. Any one who has written a blog knows that blogging is different from writing essays and traditional journalism. A key distin

ction is that blogging is an expression of thoughts in words but minus the formal journalism rules.

Action Alert: Join the Rallies to Support Egyptian Blogger Kareem Amer

By Simon Columbus on Rally

What: The organization Free Kareem uses digital tools to organize on the street rallies in front of several Egyptian embassies. This is one means to keep their promise not to let Kareem be forgotten in jail, and also a useful tactic to attract interest in the case of the prisoner of mind.

When: The protests will be held on November 6, the second anniversary of the imprisonment of Kareem Amer. The exact time may differ from place to place and will be posted at the Free Kareem blog.

Where: Currently, rallies in front of the Egyptian embassies in the following cities are confirmed:

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