Blood politics today:( at least 10 killed in PKK ambush… A politics roundup..

A photo from the attacked bus convoy carrying soliders… PKK hits unarmed soldiers returning from leave: 10 killed, 60 injured from Hurriyet Daily News Ten soldiers were killed and 63 were injured today after a Turkish military convoy transporting unarmed soldiers returning from leave was hit by a rocket before coming under fire   PM: … Read more

What President Gül reads at the hospital bed? A politics roundup..

via What President Gül reads a the hospital? According to Hürriyet report, on his hospital table, there is a report on Syria, a book on Bush Presidency, Decision Points, and Coelho?s novel, Aleph. Turkish government mulls no change in terror fight methods from Hurriyet Daily News A senior government official tells the Hürriyet Daily News … Read more

Bombing kills 8 in Gaziantep, blackout in Turkish media and…

despite lack of evidence and possible psy-op potential in the region as it is close to Syria border, even our liberal minded Turks turn into patriots. It is just a matter of moment, mobs might attack a pre-defined target, our newly christened patriots will cry justificatory explanations… Pro-Kurdish BDP’s Gaziantep office is burnt down ust … Read more

A useful collection. Since 1984, what Turkish officials said about PKK attacks…

here in Turkish. 

Explosion in Taksim Square. 32 wounded…

Intentional or not, earlier explosion saved lives. Taksim Square is always a crowded place in most of the hours of the day. Sunday early morning hours were probably the least crowded time. Most of Turkish media quickly blamed PKK and a group inside that organization may really be responsible but we do not know yet. … Read more

Çocukluktan Merkeze: An exhibition on the kids exposed to Counter-terrorism laws

Place: Taksim Araştırma Hastanesi karşısı  Soğancı Sokak Açık Alan 1/A  Cihangir/Beyoğlu Date: 24-31 Ekim 2010 Narrators: Neslihan Akbulut, Esra Arsan, Mehmet Atak, Hilal Kaplan, Ferhat Kentel, Gülizar Tuncer, Ayten Zara A exhibition communiqué: WHAT IS THE COUNTERTERRORISM LAW (TMK)? The Counterterrorism Law (TMK) has been continuously debated because of its unjust nature since 1991, the time it … Read more

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