2018 Spring Readings of my doctoral course (Theories of New Media)- in case you were wondering…

There might be changes in the weekly arrangements. New readings might be added. Readings can be found by clicking the links. These links will disappear eventually. All shared material is for educational purposes. COURSE NAME Theories of New Media Lecturer Assoc.Prof. Erkan Saka (erkan.saka@bilgi.edu.tr) Description A course for students of PhD in Communication to familiarize them with … Read more

This semester’s syllabus for my “Theories of New Media (COMM 720)” course

I have restructured my doctoral course this semester. Renewed most of the readings with the most up to date works I could find. Selection of topic are of course arbitrary to some extent but since I track special issues in relevant  journals, the syllabus still offers many of the most current debates. The course is at our PhD program, … Read more

Readings of my doctoral course: “Theories of New Media”

Every semester I do change most of the readings. This is the new list, I have come up with. As usual, suggestions are welcome. The course is taught at the Communication Sciences PhD. Program at İstanbul Bilgi University… COMM720-2016 Syllabus COURSE NAME Theories of New Media Lecturer Assist.Prof. Erkan Saka Description A course for students of PhD … Read more

Erkan’s Cyber Anthropology Course Page updated for the new semester

One of my favorite courses… I teach it at Bilgi U- MA Media and Communication Systems.. Course page here MED 521 ? 2012 Fall Syllabus

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