In the mean time, Büyükada Orphanage goes back to real owners….

photo credit Attention: Humanity being lost at Turkey-Greece border by RECEP KORKUT from Today’s Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news :: Op-Ed by RECEP KORKUT It is midnight on the border between Turkey and Greece. Special teams on rotation at the border are hypersensitive and on the look out for enemies they pursue with … Read more

Good at Sümela Monastery, bad at Hrant Dink case

I was actually in Trabzon, when the mass happened. The city was a little bit tense. MHP activists made a big fuss in town I was told. Still a good sign emerged in Sümela Monastery: Turkey’s peace with her citizens. In the mean time, Turkish State’s defense at ECHR is a scandal. At least, President … Read more

We want it all: Turkey will ask for the return of the bones of Saint Nicholas..

Turkey to become 16th Largest World Economy in 2014 from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M Mavi Boncuk| Turkey was the 8th fastest growing economy during 1994-2009 time frame at an average annual rate of 6.2% and Real GDP growth was 250% and will make Turkey the 16th Largest World Economy by 2014 with 1.13 trillion dollar … Read more

Patriarchate is all right. Crisis seems to have been resolved.

Patriarchate clarifies: ‘Crucifixion’ means sorrow, hardships

Today’s Zaman

A statement from the İstanbul-based Greek Orthodox Patriarchate said that Patriarch Bartholomew’s words on a CBS television program broadcast in the United

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