Burcu Bostanoğlu: Libya et. al.: Rumblings from the margin of the world

Whether named as a military dictatorship, an autocratic rule, a despotic state, or kleptocracy; the regime in Libya is becoming visibly senile. Does this mean democracy will soon be blossoming in the Maghreb and the Mashrek of the Arab world? Only the most naive utopian can believe in such accelerated progress. But as of now, … Read more

Plagiarist Saif Gadaffhi case highlights funding trap for EU universities

Saif Gadaffhi, plagiarist – UPDATED from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow Saif Gadaffhi’s not just the scion of a lunatic dictatorial legacy, and not just the ironic recipient of a PhD from the London School of Economics in ‘The Role of Civil Society in the Democratisation of Global Governance Institutions’ — he’s also a plagiarist! … Read more