A video: “Why Is Everyone Ditching Gmail?”

I am not exactly sure about and I still rely on it but let’s have a look. 00:16 Gmail’s popularity is declining rapidly. 01:53 Gmail’s surprising success and popularity 03:29 Gmail’s growth was driven by invite-only strategy and desirable features. 04:56 Google+ and mandatory Gmail account were major reasons for people ditching Gmail 06:22 Google’s … Read more

Cyberculture & Journalism agenda: new Tow Center report on data journalism…

  Read some of the smartest thinkers on data journalism in this new Tow Center report  Nieman Journalism Lab by Justin Ellis In order to consider the future of data journalism, you have to start by looking at the past. Alex Howard, a fellow at The Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School, has a new report … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Twitter’s Data Grants initiative; DRM the root of all evil; EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere + Firefox …

Twitter opens its data to researchers and academics with new Data Grants initiative Twitter has been busy opening its data up to media ? through a deal with CNN and Dataminr ? and the music industry ? via an agreement with 300 Entertainment ? and now it is focusing on helping researchers and academics. Why DRM is the root of … Read more

First iPad reviews roundup at Kottke.org

found at Nanami Cowdroy

iPad first reviews

from kottke.org by Jason Kottke

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